Boulder Colorado Dispensary - Recreational and Medical Marijuana
Legal weed by Helping Hands Herbals on Pearl Street

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Latest Posts  
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Helping Hands Recreational Deals  
$175 Oz Deal - Assorted Strains (w/valid CO ID only)
Buy a Cloud Vape Pen and a Gram of any concentrate and we'll take 15% off the whole deal!
$10 Grams! Call or stop in to see which strains are on sale today!
Bong Snaps are back!!! $60 for 1/2 oz of popcorn nugs!
Sampler Packs - 5 Strains for $70
Helping Hands Medical Deals  
Super Saver Sunday! Start your week with $10 Grams, $35 Eighths, $175 ounces of your favorite strain
$125 (+tax) OUNCES are BACK for a limited time! Come and get 'em! We're stocked!
25% off Edible + Flower combo Goodie Bags! 420 SPECIAL!
Bud Depot Recreational Deals  
NOW OPEN LATE! Open every night until 10pm!! (except Sundays until 7pm)
$12 Doobies!
420 SPECIAL Buy one get one $20 on CAVIAR JOINTS
$10 grams! Clementine Kush and Gupta's Haze
10% off Blue Kudu (40mg chocolates)
Bubblegum $100/half ounce, $175/ounces for Colorado Residents
Bud Depot Medical Deals  
Weekend Boutique SALE! Thursday, Friday & Saturday - $35 1/8ths & $70 1/4s on all Boutique Strains!
$125 +tax OUNCES are BACK! 2 per patient per day!


Helping Hands is a Recreational and Medical Marijuana Dispensary located downtown in the heart of Boulder, Colorado. Our Retail shop sells legal Colorado weed and is Open to the Public, while our Medical shop provides high quality cannabis to Red Card holders of any age, including those under 21.

Whether you're shopping Rec or Med we provide an outstanding and diverse selection of Colorado cannabis that pulls from a wide variety traditional and exotic genetics, including a line of potent Hawaiian phenotypes. Combine that with our experimental, no-limits approach to growing and the results are incredibly potent, dynamic and and unique cannabis strains that offer brilliant and expansive "high" profiles that upend the meaning of stoned.

Both stores have an excellent variety of marijuana infused edibles that span the spectrum from sweet to savory and mild to wild and also includes gluten and sugar free options. We also have a wide selection of marijuana concentrates including shatter, earwax, honey oil, budder, and flake and solventless hash from the best names in the business. Even better, many of our concentrates are made with our own organic buds and shake.

We're professional but also lots of fun and aren't shy to promote the fact that we've been ranked Best Dispensary in Boulder for 2013 and 2014. And now that we have opened up our Recreational Dispensary we're thrilled to be welcoming marijuana enthusiasts and curiosity seekers from around the world.


Recreational Marijuana

Our Recreational Dispensary opened in the fall of 2014 and welcomes the local community and cannabis connoisseurs from around the world. All you have to do is be 21 or over on the day of your visit and bring valid photo ID. Other than the fact that you will be buying legal marijuana and experiencing excellent service, it's not all that different from shopping for booze.

We've got the kindest and most informed staff in town and whether you're new to weed or a long-time expert you'll find them to be welcoming and happy to answer all your questions. Our shop overlooks Pearl St and there's plenty of on-street and garage parking. Meantime, click to see our Recreational FAQ or check our real time Recreational Menu.

Hindu Kush

Medical Marijuana

Our medical shop was one of the first dispensaries to open in Colorado and since 2009 has been providing outstanding medical cannabis and the best Caregiver Program in town ever since. We have made it our goal to support our friends and neighbors with high quality and affordable medicine and for that we've been voted Best Dispensary in Bouldeer.

Our patients are our top priority. That means friendly, focused and amazing customer service that exceeds your expectations with every visit - and includes offering great daily and weekly dispensary deals that insures you receive a discount on something every day. But most importantly we support military veterans with a 20% discount off everything in the store every day.


About Our Strains and Bud

Our growers produce all our own cannabis organically in soil right here in Boulder and we never purchase from 3rd party or industrial wholesale operations. This insure freshness, potency and and that you'll have unique strains found nowhere else. But it also helps uphold our commitment to naturally grown, chemical-free marijuana. This in accord with our community-focused ethos of sustainable and healthful living and simply creates more flavorful and well-rounded cannabis that hasn't been pumped full of chemicals in the name of higher yields. We think of it as "craft cannabis" and invite you to click here to learn more about our bud. And if you think we're blowing our own horn, check out this review of Helping Hands in Westword Magazine by the William Breathes who knows a thing or two about buds.

Sanjay Gupta Kush

We Sell Seeds

We sell marijuana seeds to our Medical customers who want to grow their own Helping Hands Herbals buds at for a home. Recreational seeds are sold at The Bud Depot in Lyons (see below). Colorado is one of the few places in the world where you can come buy some buds, see which one you like best, then come back buy seeds so you can grow it at home. You can't do that with any online seed store. Click here to check our our current seed selection.

Hindu Kush

The Bud Depot in Lyons, Colorado

Heading to Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park, Planet Bluegrass or the Peak to Peak Scenic byway? Then you'll be passing thru the beautiful little town of Lyons, Colorado and driving right by our sister store The Bud Depot. Just like Helping Hands, The Depot is both a Recreational and Medical dispensary - and our Rec side is open to the public till 10pm! Please note, Depot medical patients must be over 21. Click here to see the real time menu for The Bud Depot.