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Written by: on August 25, 2013 @ 2:21 pm

Howdy folks! We’ve asked the good folks at the Daily Camera to make one correction in their story about Gupta Kush. The change was made in the online version, but we’re not sure it will make it to the print version, so:

The article mentions that Gupta Kush is a high CBD strain. Indica strains are generally higher in CBD: THC ratios than sativas, and Gupta Kush, as an indica, has a higher CBD:THC ratio. It would be best said that it is just a higher CBD strain as a result of it being indica. We’ve mentioned the clarification to the Camera and they have reprinted it online is as follows:

The Gupta Kush fits its name, Taras said, because it is an indica strain that is naturally higher in cannabidiol, or CBD, a compound highlighted in Gupta’s recent CNN documentary ‘Weed’ for its medical effects.

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