Recreational and Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Boulder
Colorado Weed, Hash/Concentrates and Edibles

Helping Hands Dispensary Menu - MEDICAL STORE ONLY

Here's our Medical Dispensary menu and prices! We've always have a rotating variety of excellent variety of sativa, indica and hybrid strains in stock as well as bubble hash, shatter, wax, concentrates and lots of delicious Colorado edibles, including CBD-rich candies.

We grow all of our own cannabis right here in Boulder and never purchase from wholesalers or 3rd party mega-farms. We sell the freshest weed in Boulder and our medibles are fresh, potent and delicious! Make sure you check our daily deals to see what's on sale today. Remember, Veterans receive a 20% discount at our Medical shop on everything, everyday!

If you've got a special request or need something you don't see listed, give a call and we'll let our growers or medible suppliers know. When it comes in stock, we'll give you a call. We've got the best customer service in town, so go ahead, ask! (303) 444-1564.