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Buy CBDs in Boulder, Colorado – 30% off at Helping Hands Dispensary.CBD-30%

During the month of October, Helping Hands Recreational and Medical Dispensaries on Pearl Street are holding a great sale on select CBD products, including CBD oils, edibles, topicals and transdermal patches. Now you can buy CBDs in Boulder, Colorado at a steep discount. Expires October 31.

CBDs are one of the most “medically recognized” compounds from the cannabis plant, known for its help with a number of physical conditions such as seizures/epilepsy, cancer and inflammatory/nerve conditions. And products made with or infused with CBD have become some of the most sought-after on the legal marijuana market – even if they have no THC.

CBDs are perhaps most well known from the Charlotte’s Web story – a young girl with devastastating seizures who was in many ways cured by her use of CBD concentrated oils. In fact, more and more families are moving to Colorado with their children who have similar conditions so they can avail themselves of CBD products.

Recreational and Medical marijuana shoppers in Boulder will find both of our stores to be rich in CBD goods, such as Mary’s Medicinals CBD pills and transdermal patches, CBD-infused Rocket Chews, CBD/THC Cheeba Chews, Incredibles CBD Bars, Mountain High CBD lozenges, Wana CBD Capsules and CBD Remedy from Elite Botanicals. All of them feature a substantial dose or CBD:THC ratio, which means that they contain CBD as well as THC, in varying amounts. This allows users to enjoy the benefits of CBDs while having either a moderate or high-level high. This is the solutions for customers who CBDs without the “high” typically associated with marijuana consumption.

The selection will vary from store to store based on their inventory and the products they carry, but there will be a great selection of CBDs available at 30% off. Of course, the sale price can’t be combined with any other deals and everything is while supplies last. Valid thru October 31, 2016. Select items only.

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