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Dispensary Reviews and Testimonials

Boulder Dispensary Reviews are a great way for Helping Hands patients and new friends to learn about our Pearl Street MMJ shop. We'd love to share some of our reviews from Weedmaps, Leafly and beyond.

Best in Town! Helping Hands is by far the best shop in all of Boulder, if not all of Colorado. They carry the absolute best product across the board - plants, oils, edibles, salves, and more. They offer wonderful deals and discounts for different products throughout the week as well as amazing benefits for members. What really sets them apart from others is their staff. I have been to a lot of shops and the Helping Hands staff are by far the most helpful, knowledgeable, courteous, and genuinely caring of any others. I only come in once or twice a month, yet they always take great care to remember my name, past visits, and my product preferences. Since I only buy edibles and cannot take advantage of member discounts and deals on plant product, they always go out of their way to tailor these perks to fit my product selection. In my last visit, they gave me 20% off my total purchase since I had not used my member perks on plant product in several months. They understand what real customer service is and I would never dream of going to another shop. I drive all the way from Broomfield into downtown Boulder just to visit their shop, and I would happily make the trip even if I lived in Denver - its totally worth it. Check them out! You'll be very happy you did.

Worth The Trip! I always have a fantastic trip to Helping Hands Herbals. Best MMJ in town. I live in Denver, and I gladly make my weekly trip to Boulder to pick up my medicines from Helping Hands and never complain about the drive because I like this place that much. I even made them my caregiver even though they're 45 minutes from my house and there's 100 dispensaries to choose from near my house and work. That's how much i like it! My first thank you is to the super staff who make me feel welcome and cared for every time at this dispensary. They're really just so nice and are really helpful and also they always remember me even though they're a busy store with tons of customers. They always check on me to see if what I purchased is working out for me. They're almost like my doctor nurse and pharmacist all at the same time. Then of course is their product, which I really love. Personally I love indica which I use for pain and anxiety and I love their selection which is always a little bit different. The one I choose is usually Hindu Kush or Gupta Kush. Sometimes if it is in stock I love the Cheesequake. No matter what, my aches and pains go away and I can get some good rest . I try to get there on Monday because I love edibles and that is the edible discount day and I save 20% off so I can stock up. Edibles are great for me since I can't always smoke due to my housing situation where I can't light up indoors or even outdoors! So usually i get cheeba chew and brownies and they keep me feeling very relaxed. I also love their doggie named Mocha who is really sweet! I bring my pup sometimes too and they are always happy to have her. So, all of that for me equals five stars.

Best of the Best: I drive 276 miles one way to shop from Creede Colorado to shop at Helping Hands. Have shopped many dispensaries over three years - this one will be real hard to beat. All around great.

Best in Boulder: Organic buds of ridiculously good quality for reasonable prices. The strain selection is awesome and each has very distinct characteristics, in terms of look, taste and high. The buds available here are really the best I've found in Boulder. Great staff too; very courteous and highly knowledgeable about the products available.

Best Dispensary in Boulder

: "Is it the Helping Hands Herbals staff that I love so much? Or the delicious smokey treats? Or Medible Monday. Regardless, I've looked and sampled all around town (and Denver, too), and sure, there's a place for everyone and not every place is perfect for every person, but for me and my circle of friends, we're very very pleased with Helping Hands. We're a group from my 19 year old skater son to me and my grumpy old hippie friends (and husband) and we all feel at home here. Not to get flowery, but the staff is amazing! So friendly! And always willing to spend time to find out what we want, like and need. Just very happy to have found such a sweet place."

Yummy MMJ in Boulder: "There are always many choices of organic Sativas, Hybrids, and Indicas at Helping Hands, and the potency and taste have yet to disappoint me! Every visit I am warmly greeted by the bud tenders who take the time to ensure that I find what products will work best for my ailments and tolerance. The daily deals always allow me to find something on a budget. Member benefits also seem too good to be true sometimes- definitely recommended!

Best Boulder Dispensary Yet! "The Helping Hands Budtenders are so knowledgable. My pain has been reduced overall since I have placed my trust in them. They have not disappointed me. They are not (just) selling herb, but they are compassionately dispensing a very indispensable medicine to me, a disabled vet who had no knowledge of this medicine until my doctor posed the option to me. I have been to so many dispensaries. This is by far the best one! AND all their meds are organic and grown in soil. Great and effective medicine.....all the time! I just absolutely LOVE the Bud-tenders!"

Outstanding Customer Service, Caring Atmosphere! "Kind and compassionate customer service for years at HHH! The customer service is just as awesome as their dynamite medicine. Everything is top-notch, and everyone is always very friendly and informative. There's no pressure to buy, and it's obvious that the staff cares for each and every patient. Love Helping Hands. Do yourself a favor and stop in. You won't regret it."

Vet with Gratitude: "Just wanna say thx to Helpin Hands for livin up to their name. Vet with limited income so Helpin Handz 20% discount for vets makes it possible for me to get my meds."

Sandwich Board Experienced: "Strollin down Pearl, saw a sandwich board for Helping Hands, made the detour and went in to check it out. Wasn't even looking, but what a Great find! All the weed looks great (Im not an expert, but I know my weed), got a free joint for my 1st visit, and left with an quarter of Magic Jordan (which is supposed to be one of their best strains. Great so far). . . Pearl St is really yuppie, but HHH adds some cool back to the old school. New fave."

Organic for Me: "So many dispensaries to choose from in Boulder, but I like Helping Hands the Best. I'm a natural foods chef and always use organic food. . . so why would I smoke anything but organic mmj? Also, they grow everything themselves. In Boulder. . . Very local. . . also love the staff. . . really nice and no pressure . . . I use their mmj to make edibles for clients too, and the high is super clean and clear. . ."

Favorite Place: "I have yet to find better quality of care anywhere else. The ladies (and gentleman) of Helping Hands are the friendliest, most accommodating, knowledgable, hard working staff who sell some of the finest organic product in the Front Range area. I have never ever had a bad experience in their shop! Their daily deals can't be beat, and I've found them to be one of the most accessible shops in town both in terms of location and hour of operation. Since signing on with them, I've only grown fonder, and I'm always more and more impressed with their harvests. I highly recommend a visit for anyone - visiting or resident!"

Favorite Dispensary (in the universe): "I recently moved to Boulder from Cali and was worried about leaving my favorite LA dispensary behind, if I'd find a favorite here too. I work in film and have a stressy job, and my mmj is the only thing that helps keep me calm and focused, so yeah, I need it. Short story is that I was walking on Pearl St last week and saw a sandwich board for Helping Hands, and decided to go in. Best decision I've made since I got to Colorado. The budtenders are sweet and funny and totally care and hooked me up with a spliff for being a first-time customer. And the strains are wonderful! I'm a health nut, so Organic is really important to me, especially with my smoke. And not only is it organic, the meds are great!"

Oh Man I Love This Place! "There's no shortage of dispensaries in Boulder, but this is totally my favorite. Could the budtenders be any more cool and kind? Seriously. I've been there and seen them take 30 minutes with a new customer who had a lot of ailments to help explain all the strains, make recommendations, make them feel at ease. Plus, they're now right on Pearl St and it's hilarious to see how many people are walking down the Street with "brown bags" from Helping Hands. Thanks for Keepin' Boulder Real!"

Outstanding Customer Service, Caring Atmosphere!: "Kind and compassionate customer service for years at HHH! The customer service is just as awesome as their dynamite medicine. Everything is top-notch, and everyone is always very friendly and informative. There's no pressure to buy, and it's obvious that the staff cares for each and every patient. Love Helping Hands. Do yourself a favor and stop in. You won't regret it."

Customer Service = A+: "Love the folks @ Helping Hands. Always super friendly, low pressure, knowledgeable about their products; all that on top of good prices. The folks at Helping Hands get it. Nuff said :):

Phresh and Tasty Meds!: "Not sure if it's cuz it's organic, but this is some of the smoothest tasting smoke in Boulder, plus they have a lot of genetics and strains I've never seen before. The "rack" strains are still awesome too, like the Blue dream and Trainwreck, but these people do some great hybrids I've never seen before, like the Blue Trane (stellar!), Sugar Cane (can you fit any more crystals on this thing), Silver Back, Blue Hawaii Plus they're always running a phat sale or deal and the budtenders always make sure I leave stoked and happy. I'm not sure if its always in stock, but make sure you try their Northshore Widow, which I'd say is the best weed in town hands down down! Luv it."

Awesome Results: "The bud-tenders are knowledgeable and so happy to help you select the medication with excellent results! Overall, I have experienced less pain since I discovered the precious gem that is this dispensary!"

Excellent Organic Medicine: "I have been going to Helping Hands for over a year because of the medicine quality, prices, and friendly, knowledgeable staff. This is truly "one-stop shopping", and I have no reason to go elsewhere.The member benefits are very good, and Helping Hands has daily, and weekly, specials that allow me to try new products at a reasonable price. I really like their organic and soil-grown approach. Don't be shy about asking questions, and remember to tip your budtenders!"

Love Love Love!: "What can I say. . . this is by far the best dispensary in Boulder. The staff is compassionate beyond measure, and is willing to take as much time as you need to help you find the right strain for what ails you. They're genuine, sweet, and care for their clients. Plus, their weed is 100% organic, fresh and crystally, and there's always a sale which is awesome for me. And shit, now they're right on Pearl Street, which makes this the most fun location in town. HIGH recommendation."

Best Location in Boulder: "15 steps from OZO coffee, 10 steps to Tahona Tequila, and 2 steps from 2 Spoons Gelato. I think I've got all of my main life requirements settled within a 20 foot radius (don't do the math). Plus, sweetest and coolest budtenders. No snobby attitudes, and they really seem to care. Plus, the nugs are phat and phresh. One of my most favorite places in B-town."

Great Little Organic Shop: "If you wanted the hippiest hippie lettuce around, this is the place to go. Good looking and smoking bud, very friendly staff, and right on Pearl! Prices may be a little high (1/2 a gram for about $7-8 for the good stuff) but the weed seems to be grown with care and these people take pride in it. Check it out, definitely a place that might be more attractive to people other than myself."

Best So Far!!: "Helping Hands Herbals was the first dispensary I've had the pleasure of visiting. To date they've had the warmest environment and the nicest and most helpful staff so far. The Blue Dream was nice, but the ISS was just perfect. Leaves you thinking clear as day. They regularly have great specials and have a variety of pricing ranging from the good but cheap to the pricey but worth it dank. I will say the Blue Dream wasn't cured the best, but everything else about the place makes up for it. One of the budtenders also has the most adorable puppy!"

Amazing Quality and Service - The Best!: "I have been a cardholder for over 3 years now, and I have never been to a better store. The quality of their products, attention to detail, low prices, generous hours of operation, and unparalleled customer service are extraordinary.

I receive truly personal attention from the shop keepers concerning my product preferences, usage habits, and dietary restrictions. They are always going out of their way to show me new products, answer questions, and get me the best deals on their selection. Additionally, they are wonderfully friendly and genuinely happy to assist their customers.

I live in Broomfield but I happily make the trip all the way to downtown Boulder to shop with them because I receive the best service and get the best prices. I recommend this business to everyone, it's the best I've encountered in CO and you will not be disappointed."

VeryCozy!: "I've been to Helping Hands twice now, and I am pleasantly surprised. Their meds are beautiful and potent. I really liked the Sugar Cane. Everytime I've been in they have a large selection of edibles, bud, and hash, and everyone there is always friendly. I will definitely be back!"

Helping Hands Has Great Customer Service: "I originally went to Helping Hands because my buddy told me about the kb they had for 25/eighth. I definitely had to check it out and its definitely worth 25/eighth. I got a rundown of all the dank buds they had. It was a pretty sweet selection and presentation. I love when the guy sellin' me the weed knows more about it then i do. These people really know what they're doing.

The guy in there talked about all the genetics and how the growers have perfected it for them. Definitely plan to return to try out some of their actual dank. Also what's way cool about this place is the fact that every day is a deal. When i went in they were givin out free hard candy. They had samples of each one and it was hard to choose but i went with grape. Not gonna lie the little candy packs some punch. Helping Hands is a must go to dispensary."

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