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Colorado Caregiver Program.

Boulder Medical Marijuana Dispensary


Helping Hands MMJ in Boulder has been providing compassionate care and top-shelf naturally-grown cannabis to the Boulder community since 2009. In fact, we were one of the first licensed dispensaries in Colorado and have been leading the way as one of Boulder's favorite bud shops ever since.

We're known for our kind, compassionate and knowledgeable staff and unique and potent cannabis strains and selection of edibles and concentrates. We're open until 9:45pm every day so you can get your meds at a time that's convenient for you. Free parking on Pearl St. after 7pm.

Our Medical Marijuana Caregiver Program


Here's the heart of our Caregiver Program: You get one gram per week for 10 cents (with medicated purchase) and all strains are member priced all the time! Choose any strain, any day, and pay just:

  • $10/gram
  • $30/eighth
  • $60/quarter
  • $100/half
  • $150/oz

You'll be saving up to $50/oz. Plus there's more benefits - and you can use our program at our sister store The Bud Depot in Lyons.

In The Heart of Downtown Boulder


Helping Hands Medical is located in the heart of downtown Boulder, half-way between The Kitchen and Ozo Coffee (what a great location). We're on the first floor and are wheelchair accessible.

Our Recreational store is located upstairs so anyone 21+ in your party without a Red Card can head upstairs and shop too.

Only Naturally Grown Cannabis


We've been growing using only natural and sustainable cannabis cultivation techniques since we opened in 2006. Though the term "organic" is no longer permitted for describing marijuana, we're just about as close as you can get without actually saying it. Our roster of ingredients has always included OMRI-listed, simple and naturally-derived nutrients and pest control products that we ourselves feel good about using.

We work with it all day and smoke it too and only want what's best for our health. We live in and love Boulder for its focus on healthy living and we bring that to our cannabis too. Not only that, naturally grown marijuana has the most delicious flavor and is rich in terpines.

Kind, Compassionate Staff


Our team of budtenders represent our ethos of compassion, kindness and respect combined with a deep knowledge of the uses and benefits of medical cannabis. Most of our medical customers have been with us for many years and it's the quality of our staff that makes up the heart of our success. We develop long-lasting relationships and have a big family feel.

High Potency, Natural Marijuana Concentrates


Much of the shatter, wax and oils on our shelves are processed exclusively using our own buds and trim, which means that you're going to be getting the cleanest concentrates around, and from unique strains. There's no residual chemicals or pesticides - just high terpene and high THC products made for us by some of the best names in the business like Craft 710, Denver Dab Co, Endocanna, Green Dragon and more.

Boulder Dispensary Deals


Helping Hands has an outstanding array of deals for every day of the week. No matter what day you shop there's always something on sale, whether it's edibles, concentrates or different kinds of strains. Mark your calendar for your favorite day. Click here to learn more.

Weekly Newsletter

We send out an email newsletter each week that has the latest info on new strains, edibles and concentrates, as well as announcements on any specials, including newsletter-only deals. It's a great way to stay in touch with us and be up-to-date on everything happening at our stores. Subscribe to the newsletter here!

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