Boulder Recreational Dispensary - Helping Hands Herbals.
On Pearl Street in Downtown Boulder. Open to the public.

Boulder Recreational Marijuana Dispensary

Helping Hands Herbals

boulder recreational dispensary

Helping Hands Recreational Dispensary Boulder opened downtown on Pearl St. in 2014 and welcomes locals and out of state visitors looking for top-shelf marijuana, edibles, concentrates and Colorado 420 gifts and accessories. Please note: Our Rec shop is not wheelchair accessible.

We operated as one of the first medical marijuana shops in Colorado (open 2009) and expanded to serve the legal market while retaining our medical shop which is located on the first floor.

We've got an amazing spot in the heart of Boulder and are in the middle of all of the great things downtown Boulder has to offer. We're just steps from The Kitchen restaurant and the Tahona Tequila Bistro, and we're actually located on top (and behind) the awesome Two Spoons Gelato shop and then buttressed two doors west our friends at the Ozo Coffee shop.

Since all shoppers need to be over 21 to visit our Recreational store, there's plenty of things right outside our door to keep your minor-aged or vanilla friends or family members busy while you come shop. We have a very small waiting room, so we'd suggest folks enjoy one of our neighboring businesses while you visit with us. It's a great neighborhood!

Dispensary on Pearl St. How to Find Us

boulder recreational dispensary

We're on the West End of Pearl St, just 1/2 block after the pedestrian mall ends, on the north side of the street. Use Tahona and Ozo as your landmarks - we're exactly halfway between the two, in the same building at Two Spoons.

Look for our "not-so-secret" door next to the Gelato shop, head down the hallway and, if you're a Rec shopper, zip right up the stairs. Our Rec store, unfortunately, is not wheelchair accessible.

Buying Recreational - What to Expect

boulder recreational dispensary

Since marijuana has been portrayed so poorly for so long you might expect a dispensary to resemble a Bob Marley museum or a teenager's bedroom. In fact, Helping Hands is big, bright, airy and clean, with windows overlooking Pearl St and the Flatirons, and we've got huge skylights for natural light and plenty of room for large groups.

First you'll enter our waiting room (which actually is a little dingy) where our staff will thoroughly check your ID (please have it ready. Click here for more info on ID and shopping). Don't worry if the staff doesn't come out instantly - they can see you and will be right with you. Hang out, read a brochure.

Please note: We're on constant lookout for fake IDs and even give our staff a $50 bounty for every fake they confiscate. And boy do they love that extra $50. We turn all fake IDs over to the Boulder Police Department who follow up with you or the person who loaned you their ID. We also have security cameras for those who decide to bolt after you get caught.

Once your ID is checked you're good to come in and shop.

Inside The Dispensary

boulder recreational dispensary

Each of the stations has the same huge assortment of products and strains so it doesn't matter at which one you wind up. The staff will call you over. If there's any wait feel free to browse our wall of pipes, gifts and smoking accessories.

Bud-wise, we have an excellent selection of marijuana strains that span the sativa, indica and hybrid varieties and come from our vault of more than 130 different types of cannabis. On a typical day you'll be able to smell, look and check out more than 15 different strains.

We have excellent renditions of well-known strains such as Girl Scout Cookies and Gorilla Glue #4 but we're especially known for our unique, proprietary strains born of an intensive and experimental breeding program. They come from a deep reservoir of unique genetics and have produced some of the finest cannabis in Colorado, including our Tangerine Sunrise (one of the top Colorado strains in 2014) and our world famous Sanjay Gupta Kush.

We grow, harvest and cure all our own buds right here in Boulder which helps us control quality from seed to sale and insures that we know that every method and ingredient used in the cultivation is naturally derived, sustainably performed and free of inorganic chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Our "ingredient" list reads more like a granola bar than anything and while we can't use the term "organic" due to regulations, we're just about as close as you can be without saying it.

About Our Budtenders

boulder recreational dispensary

Our focus is on providing a fun, professional and engaging environment for all shoppers, whether you're brand new or a long-time smoker. That's why we hire staff that are bright, informed, kind, engaging and expert in their craft.

Our budtenders will take their time with you and share their knowledge (and experience) with the strains and genetics and make sure all of your questions are answered - especially if it's your first time visit to a dispensary.

Even if you've been smoking dope since 1967, we're equally adept, know the lingo, genetics, strains and all the methods of intake and are happy (stoked, even) to share our expertise and again find strains that'll up the bar on your experience.

Recreational Cannabis Strains

boulder recreational dispensary

Our Colorado Recreational Marijuana strains range in THC potency from above average to very high, and your budtender will help guide you to the ones that are right for you no matter your experience or tolerance.

Some shoppers tend to focus on THC content - looking for the highest levels and willing to pay top price for a few extra percent. But to us that's like buying booze strictly on it's alcohol content. Do you always want to drink Everclear?

We've got very high THC cannanbis, but there's an incredibly complex interaction among the cannabinoids, the method of combustion and your personal chemistry that makes a strain feel the way it feels, and it's that magic blend that makes some lower THC strains take you to places you may not go with one that is higher. So while we have plenty of strains that test in the high 20s, open your mind to new ways to open your mind. We don't just breed for potency, but for the most potent experience.

For newcomers, yes, there are often pronounced and significant differences between sativa and indica strains (don't let anyone tell you they're all the same). One might hit you like a trippy cup of coffee while another like an Xanax or Ambien washed down with a scotch.

We also have a great variety of high-CBD strains that range from almost no THC to a ratio of 1:1 THC:CBD and a mix therein. These strains tend to be sought for those seeking relief for specific medical conditions or those who want a much lower psychoactive effect from their cannabis.

With so many strains with different effects, you might feel overwhelmed. But it's easy. We've got the strains broken down into categories for you, and whether you're looking to be festive, pensive or in need of relief for specific ailments we'll help you find just what you need. There's not an exact strain for every woe, but we'll get you pretty darn close.

And as for the buds, you can buy pre-rolled cone joints (which come in great little containers which keep them safe and straight), as well as by the gram, 1/8 (3.5 grams), 1/4 (7) grams. Out of state residents are limited to 7 grams per day. Colorado residents 1 oz which you can reach by mix and matching 1/4s (or you can get the whole thing as one strain too). For information on shopping limits and Recreational FAQ click here.

Colorado Marijuana Edibles

boulder recreational dispensary

Yes, we sell cannabis-infused foods, and lots of them. In fact, we've got one of the largest selections of Recreational marijuana edibles in Boulder. It's amazing.

Our edibles run the gamut from little sweets, caramels and candies to full-on confections, gourmet cookies and chocolates as well as savory treats like crackers. Not to mention a great selection infused drinks and tonics from big names like Dixie Elixirs and Cannapunch.

Many of our edibles come in 5mg doses (either as a single dose, or as 100mg split into 5mg doses), which helps ensure you're getting a modest intake with a much lower risk of overdoing it. That being said, if you're an experienced cannabist or have a higher tolerance we have products that will do the job just fine.

Either way we strongly encourage you to moderate your dose by starting small and wait at least 45-75 minutes before consuming a second round. Please click here for more information on edible tips and safety. Don't be a cowboy (girl) - moderate your intake, keep out of reach of children and pets!

Recreational Marijuana Concentrates

boulder recreational dispensary

If you're looking to buy Recreational concentrates in Boulder then we've got you more than covered. In fact, we put a major focus on providing an excellent array of shatter, wax, budder, flake, hash, oils and brilliant new products like Live Resin and Super CBD shatter.

For your health and safety, we lean towards BHO-free, and often even solvent-less concentrates, and many of them are even made with our own buds and trim which help ensure you're getting a pure and chemical free experience, not to mention the uniqueness of our proprietary genetics will be on full-show when you take an 80% THC dab.

And if you think blowing with BHO gives you a higher potency, think again. Many of our concentrates test just as high, if not higher, than anything extracted with butane, not to mention they have intact cannabinoids and delicious terpenes that bring the "high" and flavor to places you simply can't go with just a concentrate stripped out with solvents.

And if you're looking for a solid, old-school hash experience you'll want to check out our DrX Ice Water Hash - it's got that deliciously deep and rich flavor of Middle Eastern hash but made here in Colorado using nothing but fresh nugs and ice water. Great to sprinkle on a bowl or joint.

Buy Colorado Cannabis Seeds

boulder recreational dispensary

Yes, we sell seeds. In fact, Helping Hands Recreational is one of the very few places in Colorado where you can purchase cannabis seeds. Whether you're looking to grow a few plants at home or to populate your commercial facility with potent, unique and reliable then we've got you covered. Check out today's Seed Menu for all our stores.

We offer more than 20 unique seed strains for sale, in packs of 5, and you're able to purchase as many seeds as you wish.

And not only is it rare that we sell seeds - we offer seeds of the buds we sell for our dispensaries. Sure, it's kinda like a restaurant giving away the recipe for the secret sauce, but we prefer to have you be able to come into our store, buy some grams of our seed strains to try at home*, then come back and buy the ones you enjoyed most. It's a one-of-a-kind opportunity, and it's a pleasure to see our genetics popping up in gardens and dispensaries around the state.

They are some of our finest strains, meticulously bred for successful propagation.

*Our flower and seed inventories vary, so it's possible that the flower and seed won't be on the shelf at the same time. Ask the budtender, and be sure to check out our sister store, The Bud Depot in Lyons, CO - they may have strains and seeds in stock on a given day that we don't!

Anything Else?

boulder recreational dispensary

Just a few reminders:

  • No on premise consumption. Wait till you get to your home or hotel.
  • Not for resale. Enjoy it by yourself or with friends.
  • Enjoy responsibly. Driving while high is a very serious violation in Colorado (in addition to being a bad idea).
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Keep it here. It is illegal to transport products containing THC outside of Colorado - even if you're going to another legal state.
  • If you give us any indication that you're planning to take or ship anything out-of-state we'll give you the boot.
  • Legal marijuana has finally arrived and it's an incredible privilege to be a part of it. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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