Boulder Dispensaries - Recreational and Medical Marijuana

by Helping Hands. On Pearl St. Open to public 21+.

Boulder Recreational Dispensary Menu

Our recreational dispensary menu is updated every day and comes from a rotating variety of more than 80 naturally-grown strains of cannabis, all grown in-house right here in Boulder, Colorado. We never buy third party or wholesale weed, insuring that from seed to sale we have total control in the breeding, growth, harvest, cure and sale of our cannabis. This helps us maintain the highest level of purity, freshness and potency. We also have an outstanding supply of marijuana extracts/concentrates like shatter, earwax, flake hash, oils and bubble hash - and tons of great marijuana infused edibles that range from sweet to savory, mild to wild. Here's what in stock at Helping Hands Rec today. We're open to the public, 21+ - please bring a valid state ID or passport. Questions? Call us at (720) 476-6186

Helping Hands Herbals
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