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Yes, we sell Colorado Marijuana Seeds over the counter at Helping Hands Dispensary. We're one of the very few places in CO that do, and the only one in Boulder. We're open to the public right on Pearl St in downtown Boulder and we invite you to come see our 20+ proprietary seed strains and read about our seed library below.

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Now, onto the good stuff: Yes, we sell the seeds we use to grow our beautiful bud which means that you can often grab some grams or a spliff, have a taste and enjoy at home, and then come buy the strains that are right for you. We don't always have the buds in the store, but be sure to ask your budtender. Please note: we do not ship or sell seeds online.

Our seeds are non-feminized and represent many years of no-limits breeding, experimentation and testing, resulting in a body of potent strains that offer unique "high" profiles as well as generating excellent yields and healthy plants. Helping Hands has been voted Best Dispensary in Boulder many times and our grow and proprietary genetics are at the heart of our success.

Since every seed we offer is of a strain of bud we sell in our four dispensaries you'll never find anything we're not proud to sell as flower. You could consider our bud customers "guinea pics" (but they're hardly suffering).

On the dispensary side, we monitor closely our customer feedback and sales of every strain and watch the trend to see if a strain is going to be a success or something we send back to the drawing board or put into the archives.

Meanwhile on the grow side, we continually finesse and perfect our strains, strengthening the line, increasing yields and continually testing and refining. It requires ongoing R&D, breeding, testing and more testing.

Only when there's been an alignment of appreciation by our customers combined with generations of success in our grow do we feel ready to bring seeds to market.

Some are the best of the best strains and very rare, others are more common are of excellent but higher availability. Their pricing is reflective of their rarity, the amount of time and investment we have made to bring it to fruition, and where the seeds are in their market life cycle.

To see what seeds are in stock today at Helping Hands Rec and Med and our sister store The Bud Depot Lyons, please check out our SEEDS MENU page which is updated daily.

If you've got additional questions email us at or call the store at (720) 476-6186.

Series 1: The GogBurn Series - Non-Feminized Marijuana Seeds Packs of 6

The male for this series was a cross of Rugburn OG with our highly prized "growers choice" Ghost OG Moonshine. This was in essence a backcrossing to the original Ghost OG Kush which is dominant in both lines. This male brought increased vigor, stem strength and crystal production resulting in higher yields and potency and birthing some outstanding new strains in the process.

Hercules – Hybrid>Indica (Hawaiian Urkle x Rugburn OG). One of our most prized Hawaiian genetics, the Hawaiian Urkle has a huge aromatic nose worth breeding for, and crossing it with Rugburn brings in a whole new level of fragrance and potency with a strong kushy aftertaste. A faster finisher than the mother, Hercules will finish in the 8-9 week range. Very cerebral daytime high. No crash.

Jellystone Kush - Hybrid>Indica - Grape God x (Ghost OG Moonshine x Rugburn OG). Very indica leaning, often purple budded beauty with a very stout structure and extremely resinous buds. Ideal for gardeners with height limitations. Can be very productive for its smaller stature. 8-9 weeks.

Mujica Suave - Hybrid (Flo x (Ghost OG Moonshine x Rugburn OG). A truly amazing cross. Flo brings her amazing hues and unmistakable flavor, while the paternal line enhances the flavor to an almost San Fernando OG taste. It also tightens the bud structure, slightly elongates the node length, and adds copious resin. A very strong an soothing smoke that remains creative. 8-9 weeks

Pineapple Moonshine - Indica - Golden Pineapple x (Ghost OG Moonshine x Rugburn OG). A boutique cross of the rare Golden Pineapple with the Ghost OG Moonshine x Rugburn OG male. The strength and growth habit of the male brings the boutique nose and flavor of the fickle-growing female. Potent but with a mild smoke and bright nose.

Rebel God Smoke - Hybrid - Cindy 99 x (Ghost OG Moonshine x Rugburn OG). Great sativa hybrid with a mostly indica growth pattern. Cindy provides plentiful sites of very dense, resinous buds with unmistakable, intense dark red flavors and earthy kush hues. A pungent and unique "bouquet." The stone is an active daytime high, but seriously strengthened by the paternal line. Pro smokers only!

Series 2: The Gupta Kush Series - Non-Feminized Marijuana Seeds Packs of 6

Our need for Gupta Kush arose from our deep love of OG Kush but our general distaste for its finicky growth and feeding habits. When plants lag behind in a commercial production environment, it can be very difficult to justify growing them for long periods of time.

This led us towards the use of the Ghost OG Moonshine blend (Ghost OG Kush x Blue Moonshine) as a building block to create an OG Kush that had legs to stand on and a metabolism that ran more on course with our stable of commercial production strains.

By continuous back-crossing, an inbred line was achieved for the purposes of breeding this special combination of vigor and connoisseur quality into other boutique lines to create commercially viable strains of the highest achievable quality.

Our Gupta Kush has become our standard bearer for high potency bud with excellent yields and deeply soothing almost psychedelic highs. Our original Gupta is one of our top selling strains and we've crossed it with both known and proprietary/in-house crosses to create an outstanding new line of seeds.

Bootlegger - AK-47 x Gupta Kush - Hybrid. Outstanding hybrid with a sativa-lean featuring legacy AK genetics which make this idea of a "sea of green" style grow. Produces dense buds with a high sheen and a funky spice nose and taste. The high is upbeat and motivating. 60/40 Sativa/Indica. 22% THC. 8-9 weeks.

Chemodo Dragon - Hybrid - (Chemdawg #4 x Gupta Kush). High potency Chemdawg #4 genetics combine with our Gupta for a lemony, piney funk-fest. More kushy phenos finish in 8 weeks while more Chem phenos like the extra week to bulk. High is invigorating and strong; inspirational. Not for beginner. 60/40 Sativa/Indica. 26% THC.

Chemodo Dragon #9 BX - Chemodo Dragon #9 BX x Gupta Kush - Hybrid. A backcross of our original Chemodo (Chemdawg #4 x Gupta), which brings stability to a beautiful Chem/Kush blend. Buds are high-sheen with tight nodes. Produces strong buds with a flavor and taste that's unmatched - lemon, zest, funk. Sativa/Indica 60/40. 24% THC. 8-9 weeks.

Chupacabra 2.0 - Hybrid - (Golden Goat x Gupta Kush). Everybody's favorite Golden Goat, in a form that's easy fun to grow! We recrossed the goat with our ibl Gupta Kush to tame the Goat and decrease the number of phenotypes. Flavor is of Golden Goat skunkiness lingering with darker kush tones. Goat smell is dominant. Strong herb, long lasting high. Nice for movie day. Not exactly motivating but definitely stimulating. Two phenos. Smaller plants look like a more crystally, less hairy Golden Goat, while the taller pheno has a more Gupta defined bud structure with a more even distribution of buds around the plant. Tall pheno loves to be topped heavily early in veg to increase bud sites. It can enjoy a bit of time into 9th week to finish, especially in hot (80 degrees or more) grow rooms. The short pheno shows a bit more crystal in flower, finishes faster, and would benefit from a bit of extra veg time. Very sugary buds. 24.1% THC. 8-10 weeks.

Clementine Kush 2.0 - Hybrid>Indica - (Tangerine Sunrise x Gupta Kush). Sativa/Indica 50/50. Bright sativa feel with fat kush buds and growth pattern. We took our famed Tangerine Sunrise (Tangerine Haze x Hawaiian - ranked one of Colorado's best sativas in 2014) and crossed it with the refined Gupta ibl to reduce the variation in phenotypes. Strong deep green stems, beautiful colas that hearken more to the Tangerine Sunrise than the OGK. Nose is pure oranges. Feel more energizing and Hawaiian vibing than the original Clementine which conveyed more of the kush vibe. Very nice mellow relaxing but clarifying fun smoke. Very strong veg growth. Appreciates a bit of extra micronutrient in mid flower. Lots of topping to get big cola juicy surprise. She's always a crowd pleaser. 17% THC. 8-9 weeks.

Clementine Kush #1BX - Hybrid (Clementine Kush #1 x Gupta Kush). Our Clementine Kush #1 was an amazing very tight, kush-budded plant with a pure orange nose - an incredible cross of the award-winning (one of Colorado's Top Marijuana Strains of 2014) Tangerine Sunrise x Sanjay Gupta Kush. When we backcrossed it with the Gupta, the outcome was a surprisingly productive little kushy beast. Expect big, dense, thick buds from a citrusy-skronky wonder as well as a swollen kush-bud structure with nice even nodes and growth habit. Even with all of the kush genetics, the high is perfectly hybrid - and strong. 50/50 Sativa/Indica. 18% THC. 8-9 weeks.

Corona - Indica (Hindu Kush x Gupta Kush). Heavy indica medicine with legs! The terpines and heavy indica effect of the hindu kush meet the elongating and multi-topping nature of the kush parentage. The result is a sweet and funky smelling beauty with a faster growth habit than the mother. Our favorite phenos tend to be more leggy and sweeter smelling than the squat and more earthy recessive pheno. 8-9 weeks.

Doobiebird Daydream - Hybrid (Blue Dream x Gupta Kush). The legendary Blue Dream teams up with the Gupta male to make a cross that's sure to find a place in nearly everyone's garden. A real workhorse producing lime green, succulent buds covered in trichs, and Blue Dream buds on a kush body. Heavy oily buds are derived from Blue Dream but rounded out and trich dusted by kush. Taste is a soothing blend of the blue-haze and kushtones. Sometimes can get almost fruit-loopy. Very pleasant, strong motivated smoke. Good for early evenings, decompression without sedation. Great mid stature plant with good strength and vigor. 21% THC. 8-9 weeks.

Dr. Bubbles - Hybrid (Bubblegum x Gupta Kush). Old school classic Bubblegum from Serious Seeds is crossed with the might Gupta Kush! Normally, the Bubblegum presents herself as a crystally beauty beast with amply trichomes and the unmistakable smell of Bubblegum. It adds substantial stem strength and growth speed while keeping the wonderful aroma and uplifting buzz of the maternal line. 8-9 weeks.

Fat Nelson - Hybrid (Sour Willie Nelson x Gupta Kush). A real shower. Beautiful large calyx fat buds with a very low leaf to calyx ratio. Very unique smell and taste dominated by the Sour Nelson. Lighter smoke than many of the kush crosses but don't let that fool you. Nelson and Gupta are two of our favorite strains and the marriage of the two brings out the best in each one's characteristics and potencies. 7-8 weeks.

Fortune Cookie - Hybrid>Indica (Girl Scout Cookies x Gupta Kush). The decadent Cookies strains meets the bulking resinating power of our proprietary IBL Sanjay Gupta Kush. Typical Cookies growth and terps with a greatly augmented production and veg growth from the paternal line. Very strong smoke! 7-8 weeks.

Ghostship - Indica (Purple Kush Starship x Gupta Kush). The beautiful purple vibes of the Starship get a resin bump and an augmented vegatative structure. Mellow indica smoke. 17% THC. 8-9 weeks.

Ghostship #2bx - Indica (Ghostship #2 x Gupta Kush). We took our most purplest Ghostship pheno and backcrossed it to the Gupta Kush. The outcome is a slightly taller but otherwise similar version of the selected Ghostship pheno. Very beautiful, mostly purple buds on strong tems - generally kush structured with a nose that tips right in between the sinister Kush and the friendly Starship. A stronger high than the THC-level would suggest; mellow and easy feel without lethargy or couch-lock. Original Ghostship is PK Starship x Gupta Kush. 30/70 sativa/indica.18% THC. 8 weeks.

Grilled Cheese - Hybrid - (Cheesequake x Gupta Kush). By crossing the wiley Cheesequake with our ibl ogk, the structural difficulties of the Cheesequake have been rectified by the stem strength and vigor of the paternal line. One of the most beautiful and funky smelling flowers in the garden. Totally unique Cheesequake nose is augmented by the darker hues of the kush father. The outcome is a smell guaranteed to turn heads, a beautiful smoke that's very strong and relaxing. 8-9 weeks.

Gupta's Haze - Sativa>Hybrid (Tangerine Haze x Gupta Kush). A beautiful, sativa dominant hybrid blend of tangerines and kushy funk! Bright, colorful, vibrant high. The haze keeps things afloat while the kush line tightens up the buds and shortens the flower time. Kushier phenos finish in 8-9 week while the more hazey will go 8-10.

Guptilla - Gorilla Glue #4 x Gupta Kush. Excellent upgrade to an outstanding strain. Adding Gupta brought higher THC, yield and density. Buds are bigger and fatter than normal Glue and grows with strength and vigor. Potent for the user, with a unique garbage-y, hot, funky nose and taste. Sativa/Hybrid 40/60. 29% THC. 8-9 Weeks.

Hercules 2.0 - Sativa (Hawaiian Urkle x Gupta Kush). Sativa/Indica 60/40. We loved everything we saw with the original Hercules (Hawaiian Urkle x Rugburn OG) with the exception of the genetic variation present. By utilizing our inbred line, we have greatly reduced the number of phenotypes present in this rare cross. Buds have a lime green almost blueish hue and puffier kush shaped nugs, but a very strong sativa leaning herb. A few phenos preferred going into the 9th week, whereas most finished in the eighth. Multi-topping and a little extra veg time will really boost yield. 25.1 THC. 8-10 weeks.

Hercules #3bx - Hybrid (Hercules #3 x Gupta Kush). We selected this Hercules pheno for its outstanding veg stature and wonderful smell and high. We backcrossed it to the Gupta Kush which created a truly oily kushmonster. She produces with a mostly uniform growth habit featuring high-oil, thick Ghost OG Moonshine style buds with hints of Hawaiian ancestry on the nose.Though a sativa, her buds are deep green, swollen and kushy. 60/40 sativa/indica. 23% THC. 8-9 weeks.

Hibiscus Sunrise - Hybrid (Hawaiian Sunrise x Gupta Kush). Sativa/Indica 40/60. The beautiful but low yielding, slow growing Hawaiian Sunrise (Urkle x Urkle x Trainwreck) gets an amazingly productive push with the Gupta Kush. Easy to grow. Produces gorgeous high trichome buds. Fairly short node length can create beautiful continuous colas. The look and high are pure Hawaiian. Nose like a fruit tree in the hot humid sun surrounded by tropical flowers. Great beach chair weed. Goes great with papayas. Very calming and meditative, soothing. Fairly light feeder. Can usually flush about a week longer than most. Top a lot in veg to increase bud sites. Very strong nice stems that need a little support in flower. 22.6% THC. 8-9 weeks.

Iron Triangle #9 BX - Iron Triangle #9 BX x Gupta Kush - Hybrid. High yielding, stable, sativa-leaning hybrid that produces a tall and fast-growing sea of bright green buds. Very potent for the user with a fuely flavor and deep high. Highest yield will come from consistent topping. Sativa/Indica 60/40. 28% THC. 8-9 weeks.

Iron Triangle OG Kush - Hybrid (White Triangle OG x Gupta Kush). Bust out the Visene - this here is very potent weed. It's a powerhouse cross with a lot of Kush but smokes as an intensely strong hybrid. More of a kushy growth style that enjoys lots of topping for high yields, and is a heavier feeder than a standard OG Kush. Produces lime green high crystal buds and a very traditional feuly-limony kushy zest flavor. Brighter and less vegetative smelling than the Ghost OG, with more of a San Fernando zippiness. Extra castings in the soil for this one or a nitrogen boost in mid flower is advised. Dense buds, average height, high yields. 8-9 weeks.

Jellyroll #7bx - Indica (Jellyroll #7bx x Gupta Kush). 30/70 Sativa/Indica. Our original Jellyroll was Grape God (God Bud x Grapefruit) x Gupta Kush and known for its pleasant, deep and euphoric feel without couchlock. We chose Jellyroll #7 for its incredible grape/licorice smell, early flower time, and simply massive crystal content. Very much enjoyed by indica fans and medical marijuana users in need of deep relaxation, pain relief and rest. Kush-heavy nose and taste with grape and fennel undertones. Strong, meditative, calming high. Very long lasting. 21% THC. 8-9 weeks.

Krishna Kush - Krishna Kush #8 BX x Gupta Kush - Indica. Deep, heavy indica featuring the healing Lavendar strain. Buds and plentiful and big and purple and kushy. Recommended for those seeking medical relief for body pain, insomnia. Long-lasting, thick buzz. Sativa/Indica 20/80. 27% THC. 7-8 weeks.

Krishna Kush #8bx - Indica (Krishna Kush #8 x Gupta Kush). Krishna, derived from Lavendar, is a beautiful, heavy, sedating indica derived from a cross of strains including Super Skunk, Hawaiian, Big Skunk Korean and Afghani. By crossing it with Gupta, we deepened the kush and brought it even deeper into the body for a super-charged buzz. For KK #8 we tool our most impressive cut and backcrossed it to the Gupta Kush. The outcome is a kush-growers dream, with almost all of the plants showing an early finishing and very purple trait. Massive crystalized purple kush buds. 20/80 Sativa/Indica. 21% THC. 7-8 weeks.

Night Nurse - Indica (Magic Jordan x Gupta Kush). Sativa/Indica 30/70. We took our favorite medicinal psychedelic indica, Magic Jordan (amazing, but a Hawaiian genetic mystery), and augmented its yield, stature, and strength with our Gupta Gush ibl. Incredible high crystal lime green buds. Signature Hawaiian soothing nose mingles with the feuly kush undertones. Heavy medicinal high. Not sleepy but calming. Residual CBGs calm the occular and gastrointestinal systems. Great anti inflammatory, anti nausea. A little slower to root so be careful not to overwater in young stages. 18% THC. 8-9 weeks.

Pachamama - Sativa - Pachamama #4 x Gupta Kush. Features almost pure sativa from the Big Sur Holy Sativa Afghani Genetic Experiment. The sandalwood flavor and sativa high of the S.A.G.E. blends nicely with the tighter bud structure and more even vegetative growth of the male. 8-9 weeks. 28% THC.

Rebel God Smoke 2.0 - Sativa (Cinderella 99 x Gupta Kush). Sativa/India 70/30. Super potent delicious sativa-kush hybrid - this one is one of the earliest finishers we have seen with many phenos ready before the eighth week. Produces dense popcorn kush buds dripping in trichomes. Deep red currant and wine notes of the Cindy mingle deliciously with the fuely kush. It's got a strong nose, and you get the feeling you can even smell the potency. Slower grower and should be watered more lightly as it's finding its roots. Loves to be manicured - topping and training will increase yield. Everything you love about Cindy 99, now amped and dosed with the deep healing body buzz of Dr. Gupta. Stunning high, for pro smokers. 21% THC. 7-8 weeks.

Slazerbeam - Sativa (Super Lemon Haze x Gupta Kush). Sativa/Indica 70/30. We took the amazing but slow growing and low yielding Super Lemon Haze from Greenhouse Seeds and crossed it with our Gupta Kush to increase its growth vigor and yield. Extremely high crystal pack on succulent buds leaning more towards the Super Lemon Haze structure and node length. Nose is dominated by the sweet lemony zest of the maternal line, though the lingering notes of the ogk come though in many plants. Two phenos: 1 taller 1 shorter. Some of the short pheno plants finish in the seventh week. Shorter pheno a little slow to root; be careful not to overwater after transplant. Taller pheno loves topping from an early age to increase budsights. 21.2% THC. 8-9 week.

SUNBURN 2.0 - Sativa (Sunburn x Gupta Kush). Sativa 80/20. We took our chosen pheno of the original Sunburn and crossed it with our ibl OGK to increase strength and stability of the genetic. Red hairs on crystally kush buds give homage to the sweet skunk genetics within Crazy blend dominated by Island Sweet Skunk with a funky kush anchor. Strong blend of sativa and OGK create one of our favorite combinations of inspiration and sustain. Great outdoor strain due to earlier finish it gained from the OG paternal line. This plant has a very vigorous growth habit and a bit of a longer node lenghth, so lots of multi-topping is a great idea to increase yield within the canopy. High yield and density, big/tall plant. For users, it's a great daytime bud that gives you bright, twisty fun. Tests over 23% THC. 8-9 weeks.

Series 3: The Rebel God Smoke Series - Non-Feminized Marijuana Seeds Packs of 6

We just had to breed with this one. The combination of fast finishing, sativa-kush hybridization, heavy crystalization and severe stank make the Rebel God Smoke a very interesting suitor. The majority of its offspring have shown these traits to be dominant.

Blue Rebel - Sativa (Sceptre x Rebel God Smoke). We transformed and improved on our fantastic hybrid Sceptre (Blue Dream x Rugburn OG) and pushed it clearly into sativa territory by adding in the clarity and cheer and funk of Cindy99 x RGS. A short and bushy plant with small but dense buds with tight node spacing similar to Cindy99 with legs. Multi-top to increase yield on this generally Cindy-statured plant. Great "light" excellent high that's awakening and bright and functional but you're definitely baked.The taste and nose is of dark fruit with kushy funk undertones with a hint of Blue Dream hazy sweetness. 8-9 weeks. 17% THC. 60/40 sativa/indica.

DJ Smoke - Sativa (Flo x Rebel God Smoke). We love Flo, but we also knew there was something special coming when we crossed her with our Rebel God Smoke. And we were right. In this case, the similarly-typed RGS brings an extra layer of crystal pack and an augmentation to the original DJ Short genetics. Produces a short/bushy girl that's got a more crystalized Flo-style bud. Indica in appearance but sativa in origin. Very delicious blend of Nepal temple ball vibes of Flo with the sweet sinister Cindy99. Unique and scrumptious. Mellow but strong smoke that enhances sense of wellbeing. Treat it like a Flo: heavy under and continual pruning of fan leaves to leave it open and allow airflow and light. 8-9 weeks. 75/25 sativa/indica.

Gorkle - Hybrid (Hawaiian Urkle x Rebel God Smoke). Smelly. Deep funky unique stink with a buzz that's equal to the nose. A cross of our HI Urkle, aka "Hippie Ritalin." Upbeat, focused. A powerhouse blend of Hawaiian and Mainland Genetics. 8-9 weeks.

Nanda Devi - Indica (Hindu Kush x Rebel God Smoke). Indica dominant. Incredible taste and massive indica smash of the Hindu meets the Strong uplift of the RGS male to create an amazing muscle-relaxing indica hybrid that relaxes without sleepiness or paranoia. Truly a meditative strain. 8 weeks in flower.

Robert Plant - Hybrid (Blue Dream x Rebel God Smoke). A very nice nose that nods heavily to the Blue Dream with a darker inflection from RGSs c99. Very strong herb. More tops than Blue Dream. 7-8 weeks.

Sun Ra - Hybrid (Sunburn x Rebel God Smoke). Incredible sativa-kush hybrid that will remind you that space is indeed the place. Gorgeous skunky flowers. Our favorite pheno blends the sativa dominance with the early finishing nature and high crystal sheen of the Rebel God Smoke. 8-9 weeks flower.

Series 4: The Nina Limon Series - Non-Feminized Marijuana Seeds Packs of 6

Our Nina Limone series one was born out of our love for high-octane sativas balanced with a kushy anchor that keeps us from floating skywards as well as shortening flower times.

Super Lemon Haze and Cinderella 99 team up with the Moonshine Kush mix to form a truly unique fruity, lemony beauty that has become a perennial favorite of our medical and recreational customers.

Its inclusion into the mix often shortens flower times and introduces the sativa zest into the nose. This also aids in helping non-production oriented plants finish a bit sooner, while still retaining enough sativa in the bloodlines to excite.

Aloha Limone - Sativa (Hawaiian Sunrise x Nina Limone). One of our favorite heirloom gems featuring our Hawaiian genetics. Hawaiian Sunrise explores her sativa side by rubbing elbows with the likes of Super Lemon Haze and Cinderella 99. No low yields here! Dense, gorgeous, high sheen buds with a tropical vibe. Nose of a fruit tree beaming in the Kona sun. There's two main phenos: one is faster finishing with very high crystal pack and more of a kushy finish. The other goes longer, is much more sativa in vibe, and produces big fat buds. 8-10 weeks.

Blue Nina - Hybrid (Blue Dream x Nina Limone). Incredible blend of legendary genetics. Two main phenos - hard to choose the best. One emphasizes the haze side of the Blue Dream manifesting in a 9-week hazy beauty rich in stank and crystal, the other more early-finishing with incredibly tight and crystal covered nuggets hearkening more to the Blueberry. Beautiful strong growing plants. 8-9 weeks.

Flo Limone - Sativa (Flo x Nina Limone). Sativa/Indica 80/20. A sativa lovers super treat! Everyone's favorite Flo by DJ Short meets up with our favorite Nina Limone! Beautiful Flo buds are stretched and puffed into a sativa masterpiece of stacked calyxes. Amazing. Many sativa high notes: a blend of Flo's almost incense or moroccan hashy nose and the lemon citrus of the Nina. Two main phenos. One is a shorter bushy Flo style that finishes a bit earlier. The other will enjoy a couple of extra weeks in flower to produce huge buds with an amazing high sativa nose. The longer pheno will enjoy a bit of a nitrogen boost around the sixth week to carry it through the extra rounds. 23.6% THC. 8-10 weeks.

Nina Limon - Hybrid (Rebel God Smoke x Super Lemon Haze). Melding the RGS with superior sativa funk of the Super Lemon Haze makes for a pedigree strain. Most of theses crosses have shown a propensity to stay short and stocky as well as producing very beautiful, very smelly early day flowers. 8-9 weeks.

Nina (c99 bx) - Hybrid (Cinderella 99 x Nina Limone). This backcross emphasizes the darker fruit sinister hues of the Cinderella lineage. Early finishing and prolific, with much tighter node spacing. Everything good about Cindy, amped and elevated and now with a more dynamic high. 8 weeks.

Nina (slaze bx) - Hybrid (Super Lemon Haze x Nina Limone). This backcross emphasizes the honeycoat smell and crystal of the Super Lemon Haze. Interestingly showing a longer node spacing and one of the more trich-covered flowers we have had the pleasure of observing. Early finisher. 8 weeks.

Sumo Grande - Sativa (Hong Kong x Nina Limone). Big producer. Super big/tall plants with strong stems and very heavy, large buds. Very sweet citrusy floral notes with massive flavor to the end of the chalice. Bug puffed up buds that are more full and early finishing than the standard sativa of this nature. Extremely strong focused buzz without paranoia. A real motivating yet soothing smoke with a key lime pie nose and taste. 9-10 weeks.

Sweet Nina - Indica (Hindu Kush x Nina Limone). Beautiful shorter statured plants yield boutique early finishing flowers with a fennel corona flavor. Indica dominant hybrid with very relaxing qualities. 7 to 8 weeks flower.

Thelonious Skunk - Sativa>Hybrid (Island Sweet Skunk x Nina Limone). It's like all of our favorite sativas wrapped up in a seed casing - plus just a touch of kush to bring her back down to earth. Our favorite pheno is an early finishing beauty that positively reeks of 1980's Vancouver Island. Incredible heritage genetics playing nicely. 8-9 weeks.

Please note: We do not ship seeds, and you can not order them online. The only way to come buy seeds is to come visit us at the store, which is awesome anyway because you'll be often be able to see many of the strains of flower in stock before you buy the seeds. Buy a gram, try it out, and come back and buy the next day!

If you're coming to our Medical shops for seeds you'll need a valid Colorado Red Card and ID. Check the above menus to see what's in stock at all of our stores today. And don't worry if there's strains available at The Bud Depot that aren't available at Helping Hands - The Depot is just a short drive away, right up highway 36 in Lyons. 22 minutes!

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