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Aloha Limone | Colorado Hybrid Marijuana Strain

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About Aloha Limone

Aloha Limone is one of our favorite heirloom gems featuring our Hawaiian genetics - a beautiful cross of our eternal favorite Hawaiian Sunrise x Nina Limone. We sell Aloha Limone Seeds! In fact, we're one of the few dispensaries in Colorado that sell marijuana seeds!

Hawaiian Sunrise explores her sativa side by rubbing elbows with the genetics of our amazing Nina Limone - Super Lemon Haze and Cinderella 99

This is incredible beach chair weed (assuming there's beaches in Colorado), and, like all of our Hawaiian strains, has a unique brightness, lightness and pixelly kaleidoscopic visual big-grin high that's reminiscent of coming off a long fun magic journey. Real sense of well-being.

Aloha Limone Seed Info

18% THC. 60/40 Sativa/Indica. No low yields here! Dense, gorgeous, high sheen buds with a tropical vibe. Nose of a fruit tree beaming in the tropical sun. There’s two main phenos: one is faster finishing with very high crystal pack and more of a kushy finish. The other goes longer, is much more sativa in vibe, and produces big fat buds. 8-10.

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