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Colorado Amendment 64 | Colorado Hybrid Marijuana Strain

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About Colorado Amendment 64

Introducing Colorado Amendment 64 Marijuana Strain by Helping Hands Herbals Dispensary in Boulder!
To honor the amazing changes taking place in the American cannabis world, we've named one of our amazing new strains after the very amendment to the Colorado Constitution that legalized pot our beatiful state!
Legal marijuana is a dream for many, and is nothing if not a representation of a sea-change on attitudes on use of marijuana. And, as a dispensary, we couldn't be gladder to be part of the revolution. Now, of course, we're still a medical dispensary so Amendment 64 is not available to the general public, but that's all the more reason to check out this one-of-a-kind strain that you'll only find at Helping Hands!
Amendment 64 is a brilliant powerhouse strain. It is a phenotype of our potent, trippy and psychedelic giggleplex know as Sceptre, which is a proprietary cross of Bluedream x Rugburn OG x Hawaiian. And while it shares many characteristics of Sceptre let's just say it is like Sceptre took a serious boost of steriods and went to the gym.
Tighter nugs, deeper color, brighter nose, higher trichrome count, a deeper, more complex and more intense high that takes Amendment 64 to the top of our trip charts. It's one of those strains that, on one or two puffs, is a great experience - but when you smoke up a bunch you're in another realm altogether. Not to mention that by naming it after the Legal Weed Amendment we're setting the bar very very high. But we're comfortable with that, because Amendment 64 is a knock out strain - and you can get it exclusively at Helping Hands Herbals on Pearl St in Boulder Colorado.
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