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Big Dream | Colorado Hybrid Marijuana Strain

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About Big Dream

Big Dream is a really sweet indica-leaning hybrid cross of our proprietary Hawaiian x Blue Dream that very quickly became a favorite of the Helping Hands staff and patients.

And just like with people, you can see the genetics of both parents very clearly - and the results are bright beautiful nugs that look unassuming but carry the most perfect punch that any smoker can love.

This is one of those hybrids that can act like a bit of a chamelion - working off your energy and either taking you a little bit up if you're up or down if you're down (in a relaxing way), but more than likely it will give you a really sweet homeostatic, deeply relaxing buzz.

You'll be blessed with a beautiful, warm, light body high and an excellent cerebral high that relaxes the mind but doesn't muddy the waters so much that you can't keep working. But, you may enjoy the buzz so much you'll decide to kick back and enjoy the day. And in higher doses Big Dream will really lay the groundwork for an excellent nights sleep.

Nugs are a beautiful, bright "limey" green color intertwined with deep dark purple patches, and delicious fragrance that is aromatherapy at its finest.


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