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Blue Cane | Colorado Hybrid Marijuana Strain

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About Blue Cane

We love Hawaiian strains. In fact, the genetics for many of our original strains came from the sunny slopes of the Big Island. 

If you're unfamiliar with Hawaiians, here's the scoop: They make you feel open, bright and positive and crossing most strains with a Hawaiian adds a line of placidity. Picture watching a sunset on the coast of Kona. While puffing. A really nice sense of wellbeing.

Well, with Blue Cane, we've crossed our Hawaiian with everyone's favorite Blue Dream, bringing both strains into a bright, functional, relaxing but heady buzz that's perfect for chilling hard in Springtime. You'll want to go for a hike, but then probably wind up sitting under a shady tree and watching clouds or catching some lovely zzzzs.

Bright green, almost lime colored nugs with a super tasty fragrance. Piney, fruity, delicious.


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