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Blue Rebel | Colorado Hybrid Marijuana Strain

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About Blue Rebel

Blue Rebel is Sceptre x Rebel God Smoke, and is a sativa-dominant strain, about 60/40 sativa/indica.

Scepter is Blue Dream x Rugburn OG, a deeply hybridic, almost chameleonic strain that will deeply enhance your current state: if you're alert and awake, you'll be even more so but with kaleidoscope eyes and a mystic buzz. If you're feeling lazy, you'll melt happily into the sofa as your body enjoys a sense of warmth and ease. Sounds nice.

By crossing Sceptre with Rebel God Smoke, we've introduced the magic of Cindy 99, which adds brightness and clarity and makes the strain more functional but still nice and relaxing. Don't worry, you'll be plenty buzzed, but you'll feel very high rather than very stoned. Great for day-time puffing or a night relaxing with friends.

Flavor-wise, the taste and nose is of dark fruit with kushy funk undertones with a hint of Blue Dream hazy sweetness.

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