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Chupacabra | Colorado Hybrid Marijuana Strain

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About Chupacabra

Our original Chupacabra was a Sativa>Hybrid (Golden Goat x Rugburn OG) from our Rare Dankness "Rugburn" series where we cross some of our favorite strains with the high velocity Rugburn OG!

Chupacabra was a great soaring citrusy goaty-nosed weed - a very fast growing high yielding plant. it's a very potent, uppity strain that's ideal for daytime medicating and full-on ripping. Imagine the hairy and untamed Golden Goat finally tamed and and cross-bred with something more sexy, strong and refined.

We've retired this strain and re-released Golden Goat x Gupta as Chupacabra.

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