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Diamond Socks | Colorado Hybrid Marijuana Strain

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About Diamond Socks

Diamond Socks is a potent new hybrid from the Helping Hands Herbals Marijuana Farm in Boulder, Colorado!

Socks is a wild blend of three strains, including a Silverback female crossed with our Ghost OG Moonshine crossed with Rugburn OG Kush. Any of these strains on their own are wonderful, and breeding them together yields excellent results.

Socks is definitely an indica-leaning hybrid that goes hard and fast to the head (especially the eyelids), cutting any anxiety, putting a grin on your face, and putting you into a thick stoney zone. In the body, Socks gives a real nice buzz that seems to migrate around the body. One minute your forearms will be tingly, the next it will be your calves - but you're never so zonked as to be couch-locked. 

We'd recommend Diamond Socks for a day off, a snow day by the fireplace, or in the evenings after a long or hard day. Enjoy!


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