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Doobie Bird Daydream | Colorado Hybrid Marijuana Strain

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About Doobie Bird Daydream

Doobird Daydream is a beautiful cross of two of our most popular strains: Blue Dream x Gupta Kush. We sell Doobiebird Seeds!

It's an incredibly uplifting but very potent, strong smoke resulting in a highly focused and clear, jazzy high but still with the deep body/healing buzz of the Gupta line.

We sell Doobird Daydream seeds, and our favorite pheno is the more kush growing, boutique nugged specimen. The smell is an amazing blend that highlights the brightness of the haze lineage with a funky kush undertone.  Other phenos lean more to the Blue Dream. 7-8 weeks on most.

Doobiebird Daydream Seed Info

50/50 Sativa/Indica. 20% THC. Avg yield/height. 7-8 weeks. Recommend topping and undertrim.

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