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Dr. Al | Colorado Hybrid Marijuana Strain

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About Dr. Al

The Doctor is in! Dr. Al is our newest contribution to the canon of amazing Colorado Marijuana Strains, a combination of one of our favorite Sativas - Al's Dream - and our most reknowned Indicas - Sanjay Gupta Kush.

Just because two strains bring dynamic attributes to the cross it doesn't guarantee that the final product will reflect them both equally, just as in the way human offspring can reflect one parent more than another. But with Dr. Al we've hit it on the nose and have a perfect hybrid baby that represents the best of both.

Al's Dream can be described as "the perfect sativa" - it's bright and cheery, social and fun and keeps you totally functional and alive without being racy or, on the flip side, stony - and all of those positive notes are fully present here, while Gupta Kush brings a deep body buzz down into your limbs, and the combination makes for a strain that's both deeply body relaxing and but creative and lively.

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