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Dr. Bubbles | Colorado Hybrid Marijuana Strain

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About Dr. Bubbles

Dr. Bubbles is Y2K Bubblegum x Gupta Kush. Old school classic Bubblegum from Serious Seeds is crossed with Gupta Kush

Normally, the Bubblegum presents herself as a crystally beauty beast with amply trichomes and the unmistakable smell of Bubblegum.  Unfortunately, she isnt much of a yielder and her stems are a bit weak considering her bud weight. This is where adding the ibl kush line comes to the rescue!

It adds substantial stem strength and growth speed while keeping the wonderful aroma and uplifting buzz of the maternal line. A bit more approachable in smoke strength that some of the other Gupta crosses, meaning that it gives an excellent but not debilitating high. : )

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