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Hercules | Colorado Hybrid Marijuana Strain

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About Hercules

Our Hercules strain is the son of some of our most prized Hawaiian genetics, the Hawaiian Urkle, crossed with the lordly Rugburn OG Kush, blended to create a potent new cannabis strains that is notable, and even smokeable, just for its incredibly unique and pungent scent and thick, kushy aftertase.

While notable for it's stink, Hercules will also level you with an uncommon potency born of the Hawaiian Urkle's ability to ease pain but provide a clear head for daytime use. In fact, it is known as an ideal strain for those who medicate and work or manage daily tasks. It's also a secret weapon for those who have cerebral, creative tasks and need to be focused but need some help getting focused and awake.

Not only all of that, but we sell Hercules seeds too! Yep, come on down to Helping Hands Herbals and pick up a gram, taste and enjoy, and then come back the next day and buy the seeds! 


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