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Kush Rise | Colorado Hybrid Marijuana Strain

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About Kush Rise

Kush Rise is a hybrid mix of our Hawaiian Sunrise strain crossed with the reliable Rugburn OG. We've got quite a few Rugburn crosses because it's a stable strain that plays very well with others and allows us to experiment without too many failed results (It happens!).

Our Hawaiian strains are known for their clear-headedness and even keel, so even if they have a sativa-lean to them, they're not racy or anxiety inducing. In fact, picture yourself sitting on a beach in Hawai'i and you'll get the idea. Relaxed, awake, colorful.

Rugburn is an extremely sour/fuely pungent strain that has a potent, uppity high.

And when you combine the Hawai'ian and the Rugburn you get an amazing synergy. Psychedelic, upbeat, but chill.

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