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Mujica Suave | Colorado Hybrid Marijuana Strain

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About Mujica Suave

A bit of Uruguay in Colorado.

We've named this strain of cannabis "Mujica Suave" after Jose Mujica, the President of Uruguay who has not only legalized marijuana in his country but has also encouraged other countries to the same. Their state-controlled pot-industry is a world first, and we thought the least we could do to honor his efforts on pot is by giving him his own strain of weed - Mujica Suave!

Mujica is a stinky, pungent, fruity and fresh-fragranced cross of everyone's favorite FLO and our party combo strain known as Gogburn - Ghost OG Moonshine x Rugburn OG. There's a lot going on here, but the result is a super-sweet hybrid that looks unassuming but immediately hits your head and body in the most perfect way. Upbeat, body tingly, stress melting, happy - it could be described as a one-hit wonder. Visuals are colorful, grins non-negotiable. You'll be able to work and function until you realize you'd rather put your feet up and take it all in.

Mujica yields bright green pop-corny nugs - and the cure is perfect, resulting in a smooth smoke with a sweet taste. It doesn't look like the "dankest" weed on the surface, but do not underestimate the Suave! It's seriously strong! A perfect daytime medical strain!

Mujica Suave Seed Info

22% THC. Flo brings her amazing hues and unmistakable flavor, while the paternal line enhances the flavor to an almost San Fernando OG taste. It also tightens the bud structure, slightly elongates the node length, and adds copious resin. A very strong and soothing smoke that remains creative. 8-9 weeks

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