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North Shore Kush | Colorado Hybrid Marijuana Strain

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About North Shore Kush

North Shore Kush is a stunning Hybrid>Indica strain, born from a cross of our North Shore Widow x Ghost OG Moonshine, and somehow it's energizing, trippy, relaxing, stony, zoney, and racy all at the same time.

NSK starts with our North Shore Widow, which is a cross of White Widow x our propretary and mighty dank Hawaiian. NSW is known for its deep, dense crystal pack and beautiful flowing high. Though a rare strain at the shop, it's one of our staff favorites.

Now, Ghost OG: an upbeat, relaxing and functional indica that's known as our "Grower's Favorite" and in fact, he says, "I've had some Ghost OG in my pocket every day for over 3 years. It's my go-to."

And crossing the two strains seems not to subsume characteristics of either but to amplify the effects of them all - and definitely sending the high right to your eyelids. Not that you'll feel tired at first, but you'll know that once you take a few puffs of North Shore Kush that your day is done and it is time to relax your bones.

The indica feel seems to be mostly in the head, while the body may still have some juice left in it, so if you're a functional stoner you'll be able to manage a few tasks (like writing a strain review) before hitting the sofa.

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