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Purple Dream | Colorado Hybrid Marijuana Strain

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About Purple Dream

From the cauldrons of industry and invention comes this unique new cross of Purple Kush x Blue Dream - two of the top selling strains at Helping Hands Herbals.

Purple Kush is a beautiful, dreamy, sedating indica that's been ranked one of the world's 10 best - and for good reason. This strain will gives you a warm, fuzzy body buzz that's not unlike an opiate high. Waves of yum roll up and down, from head to toe, and you'll find that you've never quite enjoyed staring at the ceiling so much.  One of the best traits of PK is that your mind will remain clear - relaxed but not cloudy, which means you can have a few moments with a book before drifting off to sleep. And you will definitely drift off to sleep. PK is like a happy, healthy, hippie version of Ambien.

Blue Dream is a potent, well-rounded strain that balances it's strong buzz between your body and mind, creating a great, relaxed, upbeat fun high that mellows and trips your lid at the same time.

And when you cross these two strains, you get something deep and powerful that hits you from head to toe, creating a full-body/wide-mind experience that's hard to find without, say, mixing muscle relaxants and a Laser Floyd show at the Planetarium. Definitely check it out. You'll be glad, high, mushy and grateful all at once.. : )

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