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Rebel God Smoke | Colorado Hybrid Marijuana Strain

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About Rebel God Smoke

Rebel God Smoke is an intense strain, born of a cross of everyone's favorite Cinderella 99 x Rare Dankness' Rugburn OG!

Also known as Cinderella 99, this is a fast-hitting strain that's great for anxiety, stress and depression. It helps harness and migrate your mood to the positive side of life while sparking energy and creativity.

Cindy is a strongly sativa-dominant hybrid known for its tight, frosty buds and citrus-like flavor. It's fast-hitting, great for anxiety, stress and depression. It has been known as the strain of choice for patients who need to be able to remain functional and inspired while medicated.

But when you take Cindy and cross it with Rugburn, it's like you pumped Cindy full of steroids and morphine and the resulting strain is extremely strong and gives an equally cerebral and corporal high. Your body will buzz and feel warm, pain free and funny, your mind will see colors and run off into a very creative, wild stream of consciousness. This writer found himself in bed just laughing and saying "wow, holy shit, this is a really strong strain."

Nugs are tight and dense, with a hashy-piney scent.

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