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Slazerbeam | Colorado Hybrid Marijuana Strain

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About Slazerbeam

Slazerbeam. Super Lemon Haze x Gupta Kush. 21% THC.

All the brightness and clarity of Super Lemon Haze now with added body potency of the Gupta. Much loved strain.

For Growers: We took the amazing but slow growing and low yielding Super Lemon Haze from Greenhouse Seeds and crossed it with our Gupta Kush to increase its growth vigor and yield. Extremely high crystal pack on succulent buds leaning more towards the Super Lemon Haze structure and node length. Nose is dominated by the sweet lemony zest of the maternal line, though the lingering notes of the ogk come though in many plants. Two phenos: 1 taller 1 shorter. Some of the short pheno plants finish in the seventh week. Shorter pheno a little slow to root; be careful not to overwater after transplant. Taller pheno loves topping from an early age to increase budsights. 21.2% THC. 8-9 week.                                   

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