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Big Buddha Cheese | Colorado Indica Marijuana Strain

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About Big Buddha Cheese

The Brits may not be known for their cuisine, but they're definitely known for their "Cheese!" 

Cheese strains are all the rage in Great Britain, in fact, so much so that they even complain about it. But for us, we welcome this beautiful hybrid addition to our cannabis library.

Big Buddha Cheese is a hybrid cross of Skunk #1 x Afghani Indica and in fact won the British Cannabis Cup!

It has a definitive sativa pulse, helping lift negative moods and overt grumpiness and replacing it with a sense of euphoria and fun. Creatives and goofy people may find that it inspires and engages you to be more yourself. But even with all it's "up-beat" aspects, it's also known to be an excellent remedy for pain and insomnia.

Long-lasting high. Dank, fruity and cheesy taste.


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