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Cello Sweet OG | Colorado Indica Marijuana Strain

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About Cello Sweet OG

Cello Sweet OG - a proprietary cross of a proprietary cross of an in-house strain. . . Meaning, this is a beautiful cannabis strain unique to Helping Hands at The Bud Depot and you'll find it no-place else.

Cello is a blend of Mujica Suave x Secret Garden.

Mujica is a stinky, pungent, fruity and fresh-fragranced cross of everyone's favorite FLO and our party combo strain known as Gogburn - Ghost OG Moonshine x Rugburn OG. Upbeat, body tingly, stress melting, happy - it could be described as a one-hit wonder. Visuals are colorful, grins non-negotiable. You'll be able to work and function until you realize you'd rather put your feet up and take it all in.

Secret Garden is a deep-healing and heavy indica based on the Lavendar strain, and is some deep-healing medicine that gives an outstanding buzzing from head to toe.

By crossing the two, we've yielded what we think is the perfect, all encompassing strain for those who appreciate a hard-hitting, not-for-beginners strain. It's not stupefying, but enlightening instead. And the combination of corporal bliss and open mindedness is almost like you've just done 10,000 sun salutations without ever having to leave sivasana.

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