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China Yunnan | Colorado Indica Marijuana Strain

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About China Yunnan

High CBD China Yunnan strain is what's called "landrace" - meaning that it is essentially wild-growinng and indigenous to a specific geographic region. Therefore, the genetics should be "pure" and unadulterated and it's a natural form of cannabis. This strain in particular is from, yes you guessed it, China.It is purported to be a 3rd generation landrace coming from the Yunnan province near the China-Burma border.

That being said, it is grown here, indoors and under methodical care to increase not only yield by also bring out the most key cannabinoids, which in this plant is that it's a high CBD strain. It's a dense, sweet-flavored bud with hints of wood, sour and pine.

It's got a really unique roll-out for the user,  with the sativa-side coming on first with a brightening of the mood followed by a gentle drift into indica-land where the body high begins and works to dissolve your aches.

Like many high CBD strains, it's used for muscle relaxation, nerve and muscle pain, anxiety, insomnia and some also find it very helpful for nausea.

Plus it's called China Yunnan which is really awesome since that's also the name of like 500 Chinese restaurants.

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