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Clementine Kush 2.0 | Colorado Indica Marijuana Strain

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About Clementine Kush 2.0

Our beautiful hybrid is back in a new and improved form! Indica/kush growth pattern, sativa>hybrid feel.

Clementine Kush 2.0 is a cross of two of our most well-known strains: Tangerine Sunrise, which was ranked one of the best Colorado medical marijuana strains of 2014, and our powerhouse indica Sanjay Gupta Kush.

The Tang mother brings her amazing citrus notes and mellow, bright Hawaiian vibes to the table, complementing the strength and earthy musk of the paternal line. A variation in phenotypes has been massively reduced by using the inbred Gupta Kush male in place of GogBurn in original CK. The revamping was done by crossing it with our ibl Gupta stud.

CK 2.0 produces uniform growth of big buds on deep green rigid stems with big buds and tight node spacing. The results are large trich covered colas emenating a raunchy mix of oranges and kushweed. It’s a true grower’s delight that harkens more to the Tang Side, and a bit more of a Hawaiian vibe.

Tangerine was ranked one of the top ten best cannabis strains in Colorado for 2014 by none other than William Breathes from Westword Magazine – a man who knows his stuff. Its a bright, functional, uplifting sativa that tastes like you’ve just inhaled an orange blossom.

Gupta is our most famous Indica, known for it’s deep healing body buzz, yet with a pensive, expansive mind buzz that’s not couch-locky or cloud-inducing.

Combining the two has made a very nice, bright, mellow, very happy, relaxing smoke and one of Colorado Seed Inc’s top sellers.

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