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Grape God | Colorado Indica Marijuana Strain

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About Grape God

Grape God is an excellent hybrid new to our shelves and has quickly become a Boulder mmj favorite due to it's tasty flavor and potent high. 

GG is a cross of BC God Bud x Grapefruit (which we have in many of our phenotypes, including our Agent Grapefruit Diesel), and is known as a great remedy for cranky days, anxiety, irritability and PMS. With an up-beat, positive and relaxing high, God helps perk up your mood, cuts off our bad attitude and brings you to a great space for music, shows, events and social gatherings. You may be more inclined to enjoy the show from a lawn chair if you smoke too much, so take it easy - Grape God is a creeper, especially to the body.

GG has a different "look" as well, with an brightly colored buds that have an orange hue, coated in trichomes. It has a vibrant, citrusy smell and taste, with a high lasting up to 4 hours. 

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