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Grape Jelly | Colorado Indica Marijuana Strain

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About Grape Jelly

We're stoked to have the delicious Grape Jelly strain stinking up our grow with its deep grapey punch-like aroma. Not to mention that the flavor even carries over to the smoking itself.

Yes, it's that pronounced: it smells and tastes just like grape jelly. Especially if you vaporize. So tasty. It's no suprise Grape Jelly won the Cannabis Cup in 2004!

Grape Jelly is a hard-hitting indica that does what all good indicas do, and it does it in spades: makes you feel relaxed, helps you unwind, eases your pain, and even helps you sleep if you need to grab some zzzs. Definitely a medical strain, great for taking a serious clip off any physical or mental grumpies. Enjoy!


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