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Grilled Cheese | Colorado Indica Marijuana Strain

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About Grilled Cheese

We sell Grilled Cheese Seeds!

Our Grilled Cheese strain has been reborn with a potent and highly improved lineage that's a rippin' hybrid cross of Cheesequake x Sanjay Gupta Kush.

Cheesequake is Cheese x Urkle x Space Queen, with a sativa/indica ratio of 40:60 and even with its sativa side is very heavy hitting bud. Gupta is our proprietary strain that's known for it's beautiful deep-healing body buzz.

This is a stinky, potent cross, definitely a heavy hitter, and if you're picking up our seeds for your home or commercial grow you'll wind up recommending this for patients with chronic pain, insomnia and anxiety.

From the Breeders: By crossing the wiley Cheesequake with our ibl ogk, the structural difficulties of the Cheesequake have been rectified by the stem strength and vigor of the paternal line. One of the most beautiful and funky smelling flowers in the garden. Totally unique Cheesequake nose is augmented by the darker hues of the kush father. The outcome is a smell guaranteed to turn heads, a beautiful smoke that's very strong and relaxing. 8-9 weeks.

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