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Hoku Moku | Colorado Indica Marijuana Strain

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About Hoku Moku

Hoku Moku Colorado Marijuana Strain from Helping Hands Herbals and The Bud Depot.

It's a cross of our all-star favorite Purple Kush Starship, which is one of our customer's most loved strains, known for its super relaxing high that doesn't bog down your mind. It's excellent for anxiety and when you're at the edge of it all, need to really unwind but still (for whatever reason) want to cope with reality.

We took the delicious, purple-leafed PK and crossed it with our CindyBurn - which is the amazing Cindy 99 x Ghost OG Moonshine x Rugburn OG Kush. While technically a "hybrid" strain, the blend is definitely towards the psychedelic indica side of life and is a hard hitter. A few hits and you're relaxed. A few more and you're having imaginary campfires with Jerry Garcia.

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