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Lucy | Colorado Indica Marijuana Strain

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About Lucy

Lucy - New high CBD Colorado Marijuana Strain from Reserva Privada.

Lucy is a cross of Luca Brasi x LA Confidential, and Reserva has found a way to create a high CBD strain while also retaining high THC levels, meaning you're getting outstaning benefits from across the cannabinoid spectrum. Lucy regularly tests at 15-18% THC and 8-12% CBD (that's about a 3:2 THC:CBD ratio), and has beautiful trichome covered nuggets buds. The smoke is sweet and earthy, and has very strong anti-inflammatory effect. A true medicinal strain, especially as you hear more and more resarch confirming the anti-inflammatory and anti-seizure properties of CBDs.

And how does it smoke? From one of our budtenders:  "I was just a little bit head high, but mostly a super big relaxation effect and tingly body high. Super great for sleep and pain management with little cerebral activity. Definitely didn't want to do anything either...good for night time and couch lock! Perfect for healing downtime."

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