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Pranayama-Kush | Colorado Indica Marijuana Strain

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About Pranayama-Kush

In a nod to the Hindu Kush/Indian Sub-continent roots of this beautiful new Colorado marijuana strain, we've named it Pranayama Kush, which, for those of you who skipped yoga class, means "breath" or "extension of the life force."

Pranayama is a rare phenotype (close relative) of our beloved Hindu Kush, and is a great addition to the Helping Hands Herbals cabal of Indicas. Like the Hindu, it is a very relaxing strain but still leaves you able to function and think clearly, albeit in more expansive, pleasant, focused ways. Think of it as "Kush Lite."

It is excellent for anxiety, aches and restlessness - and in higher doses you'll go right into a deep, dreamy shivasana. No yoga mat or Lululemons required!

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