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Rock Lock | Colorado Indica Marijuana Strain

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About Rock Lock

Rock Lock is a sweet Indica-leaning hybrid cross of Warlock x Rock Star marijuana strains, known for it's curiously upbeat indica buzz that seems to vascillate between making you stoned and/or kinda awake and functional. No couch-lock here.

Rock Lock probably gets its get up and go traits from the Warlock half of the genetic equation, which is known to be relaxing but mentally stimulating and giving a sense of euphoria, wellbeing and creativity.

The "Rock Star" half of the family is in itself a cross of Rock Bud and Sensi Star, generating an indica-dominant hybrid that is also known for its potentcy without causing malaise or lethargy. It's used as a remedy favorite medicine for aches, headaches, stress and insomnia.

Marry the two together, and you get a nearly perfect medical marijuana strain that clearly exhibits the traits of both parents - relaxed but cognizant, mellow but functional, chill but not cloudy.

Especially for those who need to be creative and productive yet have a hard time concentrating in a world of anxiety, even just a small amount of Rock Lock will help even the emotional and physical playing field enough to allow you to Rock out your days.

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