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Smooth Operator | Colorado Indica Marijuana Strain

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About Smooth Operator

Smooth Operator is a potent indica-leaning cross of the sweet Hawaiian Purple Trainwreck x Rugburn OG Kush. Purple Trainwreck itself is a cross of the beloved Grandaddy Purps x Trainwreck, and is know for it's positive and euphoric high.

We then take that and insert it into one of our breeding programs where we take some of our favorite strains that need an overhaul in potency and yield and cross them with Rugburn OG from Rare Dankness Seeds in Colorado. Crossing with Rugburn is kinda like putting a strain on a fitness program - buds get bigger and tighter, and the high gets a steroid boost.

The high is somehow relaxing, energizing, trippy, stimulating, appetite boosting and generally chilling all at the same time. Props to the grow on this one.

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