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White Fire OG | Colorado Indica Marijuana Strain

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About White Fire OG

White Fire OG ranges from a 40/60 sativa/indica ratio to 60/40 depending on who you ask, but what's not too debated is that it produces majestic buds and a potent high that's used and enjoyed for everything from relaxation and anti-nausea to deep pain relief and insomnia.

That being said, it also takes you on a mental trip, so the sativa side heads to your head sparking gooey thoughts and imaginations which, depending on your trip and space, may be exactly what you want. The high is drippy and heavy, and you'll not be at your sharpest while the buzz percolates through your body. Pull up a couch and call in sick to work.

Genetics: Fire OG x White Rhino.


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