Boulder Dispensaries - Recreational and Medical Marijuana

by Helping Hands. On Pearl St. Open to public 21+.

Colorado Recreational Marijuana Frequently Asked Questions

Who can shop at your Boulder Recreational Dispensary? Helping Hands is open to the public, no matter what state or country you are from - so long as you are 21 years of age or older on the day of your visit. We DO NOT allow entry for under 21, not even to just look. You will need to provide valid ID for entry (see below). If part of your party is under 21 we have a small waiting area for them, or there's a great Gelato shop downstairs that keeps kids happy and entertained. There's also lots of cool stuff to do right on Pearl St. for anyone in your party who is underage.

What kind of ID can I use? All visitors must provide ID, whether you're 21 or 121, every time you visit. Acceptable forms of ID: US citizens must have a valid state-issued drivers license, or a US Passport, or Native American or Military ID with all supporting documents. Non-US citizens must provide a valid Passport from your home country. We do not accept temporary licenses or anything that is not an official and fully complete form of identification. Your ID must also have a photo, and any modifications to your ID or questions about validity or authenticity will result in you not being able to enter the shop. Plus, you're on camera, and we will take your fake ID and send it to the Boulder Police Department who will follow up with you. Sorry, it's the law. No exceptions.

How much can I buy? With the enactment of new regulations in June of 2016, Colorado residents and non-residents alike now have the same purchasing rights at Recreational Dispensaries, which is essentially one ounce of any type of product, or a combined amount that equals one oz, per visit. They are as follows:
  • Bud/Flower: You may purchase one full oz (28 grams) of cannabis flower, aka buds, nugs, weed, or...
  • Edibles: You may purchase 28,000 milligrams (28 grams) THC worth of edibles and infused drinks. Yes, that's right. It basically translates to, for example, 28 100mg pot brownies, or, say, 2,800 ten milligram taffies. Or...
  • Concentrates: You may purchase up to 28 grams of shatter, wax, live resin, bubble hash and vape oil/cartridges.
To give you an example, you can purchase 1/2oz of weed, 7,000mg worth of edibles and 7 grams of concentrate. Or any combination of the three types of products, not to exceed a total of 28 grams. Make sense? If not, don't worry - your budtender will help keep you within your purchasing limits.

How many seeds can I buy? You may purchase as many seeds as you like. As they contain no THC, they are exempt from the 28 gram rule.

Can I take my purchases home with me? No. Firstly, recreational marijuana is still illegal under Federal law with the exception of Alaska, Washington and Oregon. If you were to try and take product home with you, even if you are a medical patient in your home state, it's a big risk and probably a felony in your home state. Highway ops in states bordering Colorado are picking off stoners and their stashes like it's a turkey shoot, so please don't even try. Enjoy and keep it here in Colorado.

Where can I smoke? Just like with alcohol, you can't smoke in public. You'll need to find a private home or cannabis-friendly lodging establishment in order to toke up. There are just a few "smoking temples" in Colorado, but there's no cafe's like in Amsterdam. Basically, you need to keep it to yourself. Yes, it's legal but yes you can still get busted.

What about smoking on Colorado's famous ski slopes? Most Colorado ski resorts are actually located on Federal land, so smoking up on the slopes is a violation of Federal law. Several ski resorts have a policy for kicking folks out or taking away their season pass for consuming cannabis on the slopes or chairlift.

Do I have to register or provide any personal information to shop at your store? No. Retail marijuana sales are just like walking into a liquor store and buying a 6-pack. No information is requested or recorded, other than showing your ID.

Do you ship? No, never. Don't even ask.

My grandma in Minnesota has glaucoma and I think she would benefit from marijuana. Can I take some home with me? No.

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