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AK-OG | Colorado Sativa Marijuana Strain

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About AK-OG

What do you get when you cross AK-47 (the "One Hit Wonder") with Rugburn OG? 

You get really high, that's what.

This is a fun mix and match strain from the Helping Hands Herbals grow op in beautiful Boulder, Colorado.

By the sound of the name, you'd expect that AK-47 would knock your socks off, but in fact it's a great, easy, relaxing, high THC hybrid strain that's a favorite of neurotics everywhere. With it's kicked-back but clear effects, AK is a great way to enjoy some relax time without being sedated.

Rugburn OG is an extremely sour/fuely pungent strain, that has a potent, uppity high. Combining this with AK is an experiment is how hybrids can make an entirely new experience using two well known mmj strains. Enjoy!


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