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Big Bubba Diesel | Colorado Sativa Marijuana Strain

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About Big Bubba Diesel

Big Bubba Diesel is an potent hybrid cross of Bubba Kush x Sour Diesel that shows both the indica and sativa effects in equal measures. It will make you buzz from head to toe to brain and back.

Bubba hits your head first, with a perky "sativa" high full of energy. As time passes (or if you smoke more), Bubba moves to the body and works some relaxing magic that may take you over to the sofa for some time staring at the ceiling. (I love textured plaster celings for this reason). You may also find that your aches and pains - especially the physical kind - melt away while your mind remains relatively clear but in a more homeostatic way that helps kick depression and stress.

We'd definitely recommend this as a "medical" strain due to the pronounced relaxation on the body and clearing of the mind - both of which allow you to mellow out and heal without getting too ripped or incoherent.

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