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DJ Smoke | Colorado Sativa Marijuana Strain

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About DJ Smoke

DJ Smoke is an ode to the beloved Flo strain, one of the most widely-adored strains among our customers. And we sell DJ Smoke Seeds.

We love Flo too, but we also knew there was something special coming when we crossed her with our Rebel God Smoke which is Cindy99 (another customer favorite) and Rare Dankness' Rugburn OG Kush (an amazing breeding partner and strain in its own right).

And we were right. In this case, the mix brings on an extra layer of crystal pack and an augmentation to the original DJ Short genetics. Very delicious blend of Nepali Temple ball vibes of Flo with the sweet sinister Cindy99.  Unique and scrumptious. Mellow but strong smoke that enhances sense of wellbeing.

DJ Smoke Seed Info

18% THC. 75/25 Sativa/Indica. For growers, she's a short/bushy girl that’s got a more crystalized Flo-style bud. Indica in appearance but sativa in origin. Treat it like a Flo: heavy undertrim and continual pruning of fan leaves to leave it open and allow airflow and light. 8-9 weeks.

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