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Hercules 2.0 | Colorado Sativa Marijuana Strain

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About Hercules 2.0

Hercules 2.0 is Hawaiian Urkle x Gupta Kush. Sativa/Indica 60/40. 25% THC.

We took our "Hippie Ritalin" - Hawaiian Urkle - known for it's great ability to ease anxiety and increase focus (while also making one feel very nice), and stabilized it in the garden so we could have it for our customers on a more consistent basis.

Adding Gupta Kush to the mix has increased potency and added a body buzz that makes this a heavy hitter - you'll be able to concentrate in low doses, but at higher you won't even want to. It's potent, invigorating, but without raciness.

For Growers:

Hercules 2.0 is everything we loved about our original Herc (Hawaiian Urkle x Rugburn OG) with the exception of the genetic variation present.

By utilizing our inbred line, we have greatly reduced the number of phenotypes present in this rare cross. Buds have a lime green almost blueish hue and puffier kush shaped nugs, but a very strong sativa leaning herb. A few phenos preferred going into the 9th week, whereas most finished in the eighth. Multitopping and a little extra veg time will really boost yield. 25.1 THC.  8-10 weeks.

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