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Jack Sin | Colorado Sativa Marijuana Strain

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About Jack Sin

Jack's Sin is an original in-house cannabis strain by Helping Hands Herbals that crosses two powerhouse sativa dominant strains to produce a peppery aroma and an immediate head buzz. Works well for physical pain, but is still very psychoactive.

Sativa-dominant cross of Jack Herer x Amnesia Sin (Amnesia Haze x O.G. Sin, which is Fuma Con Diablos x OG Kush). Jack Herer is one of the most widely respected cannabis strains, known to knock out stress and pain in body and mind. Amnesia Haze is another potent sativa, known for  helping alleviate anxiety and depression.

Combine all that and you've got one of Helping Hands Herbal's top-selling strains. Deep forest of orange calyxes on top of stout, bright green little nuggets.




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