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Pachamama | Colorado Sativa Marijuana Strain

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About Pachamama

Pachamama is Pachamama #4 x Gupta Kush.

Features our original Medicine Man (S.A.G.E. x Rugburn OG) (name changed to Pachamama) which was well potent and beautiful enough, and included our S.A.G.E pheno that comes direct and unchanged from the original Big Sur Holy genetic experiment that produced S.A.G.E. in Cali 35 years ago. Straight pedigree.

It was potent enough medicine, but crossing it with our Gupta Kush increased production and gave a super-potent sativa high with enough body to keep you here on Earth. Very strong herb.

For Growers:

Potent buds from a big producer. Almost a backcross. We took our earliest finishing, stankiest cut of our original Medicine Man (S.A.G.E x Ghost OG Moonshine X Rugburn OG Kush) and crossed it with the refining ogk. The result is an incredibly productive mix of classic genetics. Gives a focused tamed sativa high.

Two main phenos. Generates beautiful high crystal buds on the short pheno, gorgeous haze like sativa buds on the longer. Extra support needed for the heavy buds late in flower. One finishes in 8 weeks and is a classically high sheen calyxy affair with a great spicy nose.

The other finishes in 9-10 weeks and has a much more sativa bud style reminiscent of the Big Sur Holy present in the maternal line.

These plants can get quite big and heavy yielding. 28% THC. 8-10 weeks.     

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