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Rebel God Smoke 2.0 | Colorado Sativa Marijuana Strain

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About Rebel God Smoke 2.0

Rebel God Smoke 2.0 is a potent, updated and improved version of our previous RGS which was crossed with Rugburn OG.

Now we've taken the ever-loved Cindy 99 and crossed her with our Gupta Kush which has added a deep healing body buzz to the already very pleasant, warm and cheering sativa Cindy vibes - but it's also amped the potency. While this girl tests at about 21% THC, the cannabinoid profile is such that the buzz is way strong we recommend this for pro smokers only! We sell RGS 2.0 seeds

Rebel God Smoke Seed Info

19% THC. 70/30 Sativa/Indica. She's an early finisher - about 7-8 weeks with dense, trichomey popcorn-kushy buds prevail. Delicious deep flavor and fragrance. 7-8 weeks.   

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