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Sun Ra | Colorado Sativa Marijuana Strain

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About Sun Ra

Sun Ra  is an oustanding cross of Sunburn x Rebel God Smoke. Incredible sativa-kush hybrid that will remind you that space is indeed the place. Gorgeous skunky flowers. Our favorite pheno blends the sativa dominance with the early finishing nature and high crystal sheen of the Rebel God Smoke. 8-9 weeks flower.

Sunburn is the super-trippy uppity sativa with a high that's bright, positive and can even throw pixels and fractals into your field of view. Rebel God Smoke is where the body high comes in - and it comes in hard. Deep corporal buzz and additional trippiness for good measure.

Blend the two strains and you're bending and blending unique experiences into a new and exciting high that's hard to explain, and even harder to forget.

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