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Sunburn | Colorado Sativa Marijuana Strain

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About Sunburn

Sunburn is a rippin' hybrid born of our much-loved Island Sweet Skunk x Rugburn OG.

Firstly, legend has it that ISS came to North America via Vietnam Veterans returning home and settling on Vancouver Island. The seeds made their way to the Federation Seed Company who stabilized it and increased its yield and it became known as a profilic outdoor producer of up to 1 pound per plant.

ISS has always been known as an excellent sativa that helps alleviate depression, stress and lack of appetite and it has been a favorite strain of daytime-medicating Helping Hands Herbals atients.

Well, we've gone ahead and tinkered a bit too and crossed ISS with some hyper-good genes from Colorado's Rare Dankness, resulting in the infamous "Sunburn!"

ISS lovers will still recognize and enjoy the Island-style vibes, but they'll also find that Sunburn is more potent and has a more diverse medical/relief profile that now includes a relaxing but energizing body buzz in addition to cerebral bliss. Bring your sunscreen!

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