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Sunburn 2.0 | Colorado Sativa Marijuana Strain

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About Sunburn 2.0

The original Sunburn was a house and customer favorite (referred to as a super-psychedelic sativa in high doses), but Sunburn 2.0 really ups the bar on a high-intensity, super-fun sativa and takes to to an even more elevated level by keeping the big sativa buzz but adding in some body kushiness that keeps you not only feeling enlightened but physically relaxed. And we accomplished this by crossing Sunburn by Gupta Kush.

It's recommended for those seeking a kick of energy and a nice sustaining high without any cloudiness or crash. It's the perfect Colorado cannabis strain. Think hiking, biking, shows and being in social settings. Busting out a spliff at a party will change the mood right and fast. It's 80% sativa/20% indica so there's enough Kush in there to keep you from tweaking.

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